Analyst urges selling an "ebbing" Microsoft's stock

After years of financial experts considering Microsoft a safe and stable investment, one analyst now recommends that investors jump ship as Microsoft has been too sluggish responding to attacks from Apple and Google.

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Jockamo3472d ago

Everyone follow AppleInsider.Com for investment advice on your Microsoft stock.

derseb3472d ago

... or listen to Argus Research.

Jockamo3472d ago

Find me an Argus article that speaks negatively of Apple and I'll give you a shiny new hat!

derseb3472d ago

why should you speak negatively about apple now, after they have lowered their prices.

i can only find a negative article about MS:

it's a company that had a monopoly and cannot even code a working OS for years now. just look at ballmer's arrogant response after the introduction of the iphone.

if incompetence and false pride are not signs of a non-functioning organization, i don't know what is.

BattleAxe3472d ago

Sounds like MS is going to have a fire sale with their stocks soon :)

Hutch23553472d ago

I guess turning a billion dollars in profit in a terrible economy is a bad thing, thats like people who say Walmart is not a good stock to have, These companies print money they make so much. Do you guys actually know what profitibility is, I no Microsoft does. lol Sell the stock, cuz all I will do is buy more as the price declines. lol

Eddie201013472d ago

Two words: Tongue Scraper

Zedux3472d ago

this is so refreshing! am I dead and gone to heaven??!! This just shows how Microsoft uses their marketing to continue to lie to the consumers who in the end have no idea of what actually is going on!

derseb3472d ago

in a lot of ways, MS reminds me of Ford. They invented the production line and now they have not had a real innovation for decades

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dcbronco3472d ago

While that is hard to do, he just did. MS has been making missteps for a while. Now the company seems to have gotten it's footing again and this fool says sell. Changing from buy to sell. That's like starting to cheer when a band is sucking it, then starting to boo when they stop missing notes. What an idiot.

What is it he's seeing that others aren't. Windows 7 according to people who have tried it looks to be a success. People have been able to get it working on some really low spec machines. The Zune HD is something people seem to be looking forward to after MS has failed in the past with Zune. It looks like surface is being geared for the desktop. I believe that will be successful. Office 2010 looks like a nice upgrade and they will now be offering a ad-supported free version. And sales of the 360 are climbing steadily and the Entertainment and Devices division is turning a steady profit for a change. Natal looks like it will be well received when it's releases also.

So when MS seems to be looking at success on every front, this idiot says sell. And considering that MS is a company that consistently makes over 12 billion profit while others lose money, it already has a low stock price, it makes me wonder if this guy knows what he's doing.

You know what, I think he does. I don't invest in the stock market. It's a sham to me. Odd that it crashes every ten years. Always just after it gets the big push from the media. The thing is, just like with the sub-prime problem the house always makes a profit. No matter what. He gets a fee for every transaction. Plus if he gets the average person and the pension funds to sell just before the stock hits big(at a bargain since the price goes down as people dump it), his friends can pick up the stock on the cheap and make a huge profit. He's calling his family now. If you start to see others change to sell, if you play the stocks, buy MS. It's about to go through the roof.

If a company making such a huge percentage of profit on the amount of revenue it gets is suddenly a sell because of an OS that hasn't really been seen, the stock market is a fail. Then again it always has been a fail. People just don't get it yet.

derseb3472d ago

i agree windows 7 might actually work, but:

-many companies want to keep on working with XP. through the netbook market, other OS are getting very popular.

-MS looses on the phone (three times more cellphones than PCs on this planet) and music market.

all they have now is windows xp and ms office. 2 good products for a company with thousands of employees? are you kidding me?

i think they should be really afraid of google with their office suite and OS! if they loose this battle, they are dead. again they are just copying instead of innovating (want to make Office to work online like google docs)

The Lazy One3472d ago

what? have you gone to buy a cellphone lately? more than 50% of the smart phones have windows mobile on them. A lot of business people like windows mobile phones because they can get to a lot of stuff they'd only see at their PC.

Not to say it's their most dominant market or that there aren't competitors, but they are by no means really "losing" the phone market.

1-2 years ago would have been a better time for this article tbh.

cherrypie3472d ago

"many companies want to keep on working with XP."

And they will. Big deal. Vista is already 22% of the market, and W7 is looking to be a booming success. XP will be around for years to come -- and that's OK. What is certain is that W7 is going to do very very well.

"through the netbook market, other OS are getting very popular."

No. Totally 100% false. The *early* netbook market saw some success by Linux, but their were *SO MANY RETURNS* that they've stopped shipping netbooks with linux. It's very well known in the industry that XP & Vista dominate the Netbook space.

You're talking out your arse with wishful thinking.

"MS looses on the phone (three times more cellphones than PCs on this planet) and music market."

Cellphones are lower priced, lower margin devices. And, Windows Mobile sells more than iphone worldwide. Windows Mobile 7 is coming, their's a rumour that Zune Software will be running on WinMo 7...

"all they have now is windows xp and ms office."

It is 100% clear you havnet a clue what you're talking about. Here's a hint: They make more than Desktop software.

"i think they should be really afraid of google with their office suite and OS"

Google office is absolute crap compared to MS Office -- and OO is worse. If you think the world's Professionals are going to abandon MS office for your petty rebellion, you've got another thing coming.

Office LIVE and Office 2010 Web are going to put a nail in Google's desktop plans.

Google's linux distro is a non-starter -- who the frack wants a OS locked down to the browser supported by Ads??

You're in way over your head child. Get real.

derseb3472d ago

of course they make money. but you have to see where they come from: a 100% market share.

stock are not about company profit, they are about the expectation if they do better or worse than before. i think this pic about the browser and search market is a good example:

The Lazy One3472d ago

yeaaaaaaa... have fun with that.

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TheMART3472d ago

According to!

I think says you have to jump that sinking black POS3 wooden rotten boat of yours also!

GiantEnemyCrab3472d ago

i'm very happy with my chavbox thank you very much. lol

dustgavin3472d ago

Looks like a hard drop for Microsoft. I am sure they will put as much effort into 360 as they did with hd-dvd and the first xbox.


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jack who3472d ago

follow AppleInsider.Com for investment advice on your Microsoft stock.

GiantEnemyCrab3472d ago

Even if you look past that it's still just ONE analyst. funny stuff.

dustgavin3472d ago

It's not like he is giving bad advice. Apple, Sony, and Google are tearing deep into Microsoft.

Fishy Fingers3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I dont think MS or they stock holders are too worried.

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