Pachter: Price Fatigue Reason For Slumping PS3, Wii Sales

Responding to the June 2009 NPD Group Sales data, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter said that declining Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 sales can be attributed to the market for those consoles drying up at current price levels.

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JonahFalcon3476d ago

Isn't it time you made more predictions that you probably got from tossing darts at a target?

I thought the PS3 would be #1 by 2008. Then 2009. Now 2013? Hey, how about 2035?

cereal_killa3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

wrong post

Maddens Raiders3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

was so fervent and palpable between 2006 ~ 2008.

Now it seems that the oracle has fallen to the status of an interstate-side fortune teller.

Results? 6 one way; and half a dozen the other.

Rainstorm813476d ago

so in that same logic the xbox 360 price drop shouldve jumped it to wii's sales nummbers huh Pac?

Its summertime the slow season of gaming. Some Analyst.

Megatron083476d ago

he predicts a price cut for the ps3 in oct this means we will see no price ct for the ps3 in oct

Thugbot1873476d ago

It’s really silly seeing him and some of the fanboys because they don’t take a look at anything other than video game side of Sony. Sony as a company posted several major losses. They had to ask share holder for more money and promised they would return to profitability. They have hedged everything else in the company to make up for the PS3 losses, the free PSN, Home and other expenses related to keeping exclusives. If they drop the price of the PS3 they will for sure not post a profit anymore and would have to make the money up by charging for PSN or losing more exclusives. The PS3 Slim will allow them to start recharging the funds and showing the profit they need to show to the share holders.

If a price drop comes it won’t come until after they post positive numbers for shareholders for this year. PS3 was selling decent at the current price. One thing I think hurt them is there killer titles being pushed till 2010, giving Microsoft the stronger lineup for 2009.

cayal3476d ago

"Isn't it time you made more predictions that you probably got from tossing darts at a target?

I thought the PS3 would be #1 by 2008. Then 2009. Now 2013? Hey, how about 2035?"

Isn't it time you stopped being a hack of a journalist and a fanboy? We all can't get what we want...well your stupidity and lack of journalistic integrity is amusing.

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Whut3476d ago

Why do they keep paying him for this?

dannyhinote_133476d ago

Because he tends to be pretty damn insightful, both on the consumer side, as well as the investment side of things as well.

cereal_killa3476d ago

Danny I would rather take investment tips from a Baboon than this idiot

Serjikal_Strike3476d ago

is anyone surprised? Or worried?

You want sales increase...wait till holiday season...
summer sux for gaming period!

Jockamo3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Nah, no price cut this year. You'll see.

But hey, keep propelling this rumor that there will be and sales will slump even more.

Posters who say there will be a price cut only hurt current sales because other people read their comment and go, "Oh, Hi-def freak said there will be a price cut this holiday season. I guess I'll wait till then to buy one."

Meanwhile, sales go down...down....downnnnn....

Pennywise3476d ago

He didnt say one word about a price cut. What I read was more consoles sell during the holiday season. How is that wrong?

Bubble Buddy3476d ago

Pennywise: This guy always states the obvious. Take a random guy from N4G and he/she would be able to replace Pacther easily.

Pennywise3476d ago

Bubble Buddy... I wasnt even talking about patcher. That guy is pretty off on all of the things he actually predicts. He went from predicting things to stating the obvious. The guy is worthless and I have no idea why people of N4G like his news.

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callahan093476d ago

But sales were better in June than in May, so I don't understand this term "slump" as it's used here. If you're comparing to last year's June, then it isn't fair because Metal Gear Solid 4 came out last June, being the highest-rated and most anticipated PS3 exclusive to date at that time, and no new PS3 exclusives came out in June 2009.

The_Zeitgeist3476d ago

Year over year sales are the most important. From June 08 to June 09 Sony did not sell as much. Did anyone else notice that Infamous sold WAY better than projected. By like 30,000 copies.

callahan093476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

How can you possibly think that 08 June vs. 09 June sales are relevant? Last year's June saw Metal Gear Solid 4 come out, by far the highest rated and most anticipated exclusive the PS3 had ever had at that point. It's obvious that last year's huge sales in June were because of that game. This June, the PS3 not only didn't have an MGS4 come out, but it didn't have ANY new exclusives come out. The comparison is just flat-out unfair. What's far more important is that sales are up from last month, which is a GOOD sign. If you want to see the bad, you can look at last year versus this year, but you'd be ignoring the fact that the circumstances are completely different between last June and this June, which accounts for the sales discrepancy.

I mean, in Europe the PS3 sold 610,000 units in March 2007, and it was only available for half the month. The following year, March 2008, when the PS3 was available the entire month not just half of it, the PS3 sold 400,000 units. Why? Because it launched in March 2007 in Europe. One year later, it was significantly down "year-on-year" for March, but it's an irrelevant comparison because the circumstances don't align. Of course it sold more in March 2007, because it was the console's launch. People line up to get it day one. The following March, nothing special was happening. It is not indicative of a slump that it's year-on-year sales were lower, because the circumstances were totally different. The launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 had a similar push effect on PS3 console sales last June. This June, it had nothing to push it, but it still sold better than it did in May this year, and May had inFamous come out.

The_Zeitgeist3476d ago

Infamous is still carrying PS3 through summer. Plus they had the new Killzone 2 and MGS4 bundle. Year over year sales are a good indicator of how a company is doing in this market. Just because last year saw the PS3 with a killer app does not excuse the fact that they couldn't duplicate that again this year. If I am Sony I want to have my machine rolling. Saying there is no MGS4 this year is not a good excuse. I'm a PS3 owner so don't come back with that fanboy name calling crap either.

mrblacknut3476d ago

Infamous isn't carrying anything in the summer. The last game to carry the PS3 was MGS4. No one is buying a PS3 because of Infamous. The people who own the console are purchasing it.

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dj555555553476d ago

hmmm PS3 sales in the U.S. poor could this be because almost every article that comes out of the U.S. about the PS3 is negative and we see microsoft (an American company) always gets a lot of good press even though of its massive failure rate, restrictive format size, not being able to bring games forward from 2005 levels.

Poor PS3 sales in America is only down to one thing microsofts massive wallet and influence over the American media.

Redgehammer3476d ago

PS3's perceived arrogance and its inability to "pimp" its own product. I am not Sure if you are an American djpolofish, but if you were you would understand that MS gets trounced for every thing they do, or do not do in the American Press. As far as wallet size, it would be naive to assume that Sony suffers from wallet envy, although it could be argued they suffer from a form chrematophobia. Finally; I am curious as to what games currently out or with forthcoming release dates fall within a 2005 level? I have no ill toward Sony--I believe competition engenders better games, and that's the reason we own "next gen consoles" right?

kewlkat0073476d ago

wah wah wah, blame MS for everything...

I wonder if it's the same for the Japanese market?...maybe Sony is behind it.

fuckoffodion3476d ago

Yes, we all know you get offended when MS gets blamed. How's the cookie fanboy? :)

Mr Marbles3476d ago

you are from the USA pal, cuz if you were you would know that Americans hate Microsoft, in fact Americans hate most things American, we are some of the most self loathing people on earth, thanks to people like our new president blaming America for every known evil that has ever existed in the universe, most ignorant Americans take the anti American position on just about everything.

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