Analysis: The Hidden Delights Of Warhawk

Quintin Smith: "Warhawk?" I said, sitting for the first time on my new roommate's tiny sofa. This was last October. We'd just ordered pizza, filling the dirty room with cheesy anticipation.

"Warhawk," he replied, turning on the TV. "Secret best game on the PS3!"

"...Warhawk?" I asked again. This guy was never wrong, so it's not like I was skeptical. But really... Warhawk?

"Warhawk," he said, finding a match instantly and handing me the pad.

Six months, two failed relationships and one wet winter later and I'd logged a hundred hours into Warhawk. Not only that, I must have happily watched my friend play a dozen more. And it's not like I can blame my addiction on getting really good at it or anything. I mean, I got good, but not good.

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Nineball21123469d ago

It makes me regret not buying this game. :D

It sounds really fun, especially if you play with a bunch of friends.

kapedkrusader3469d ago

...makes me want to give Warhawk a second chance.

Serjikal_Strike3469d ago

when they added the jetpack add-on/map rocks

well worth $60...even though its cheaper now

gamesR4fun3469d ago

games insane fun tho

my only complaint is that its hands down the hardest game to earn a plat on.

JoySticksFTW3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

But Warhawk can make to cry and doubt your skills as a gamer like no other game can. :)

People used to Halo / CoD4 / KZ2 type difficulty usually cry foul when they try Warhawk and quit. But I can't play any other shooter but Warhawk.

After you've been introduced to the freedom of this game (ground battles to air battles in an instant) with so many ways to play, it's hard to migrate to another game.

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chasegamez23469d ago

warhawk is the best online game out period

MysticStrummer3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Warhawk is one of my all time favorite online games, and I don't understand people who hate on it. They seem to be mostly folks who are easily frustrated. You will die frequently at first and slightly less frequently later. I laugh ALOT when I play Warhawk, either because I just pulled off an amazing manuever, a really boneheaded manuever, or because I'm watching bodies fly through the air after either one of those manuevers. I love being on the ground as bodies fall from the sky. I love being in a tank and blowing up a fully manned jeep, seeing three bodies go flying as a result. I love shooting an enemy aircraft with the rocket launcher while they try to kill me or a teammate. I Iove being in a Warhawk/Nemesis and chasing a flag carrier. I love being in a Warhawk/Nemesis especially when my team has air superiority, dogfighting, evading air and ground missiles, and patrolling the skies. I highly recommend this game, especially now that it's cheaper. The expansion packs are all great and really change the game up. Warhawk rocks.

OGharryjoysticks3469d ago

Battlefield is great if you only have the 360, but Warhawk is a much better game.

PirateThom3469d ago

Definitely. Battlefield is a fun game, but Warhawk is more fun, more varied and more pick up and play

ColossiSlayer3469d ago

180 Hours well spent. Nothing like capture the flag on Eucadia in a jeep with a good gunner & air support.....