$50 Wal-Mart HD DVD Player: Fact or Fiction?

News that Wal-Mart was planning to sell a high-def disc player at the discounted price of anywhere from $50-$299 spread across the web like wildfire Friday, but at the end of the day, the unconfirmed report raises more questions than it answers.

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ITR4197d ago

$50 is said to be the speculated cost of the product to Wal-Mart...not the actual price.

Not sure how it became the consumer price.

Laka4197d ago

Wait and see game, but I hope it's HD DVD if they anounce it at all. Could be just bogus, could be real, who knows?

brianodom4197d ago

Food For Thought
went to walmart last night to get some groceries and checked out the electronics department counted hd-dvds and blu ray Titles

HD-DVD: 10
Blu-Ray: 21

ITR4197d ago

So did I.

But I was told they a only have 1 Blu Ray title X-men Last Stand (1) copy.
They apparently sold out of HD-DVD.

Manager told me HD-DVD sales out pretty well.

Target is still doing 50/50 until 2008'.
The 2007 ENT reset already happened a few months ago leaving them both still 50/50.

LoydX-mas4197d ago

That just means they sold half their stock of HD-DVD's.LOL

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The story is too old to be commented.