Epic Scale - The Darkness

A look at how The Darkness manages to make a more meaningful gameplay experience by using the intimate focus of its core storyline to infuse the small central characters to give the player a relate-able context for actions throughout the game.

Trend Polack: "Narrative is an essential part of any game; I don't think anyone ever denies that point. Even the most emergent game design has the goal of presenting some sort of narrative to its players. Story sets the stage for meaning (of gameplay). It frames the player's context for the actions he engages in within a game world.

When I think of The Darkness, I think of Jenny."

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morgle3475d ago

I love this game, it was my first on my PS3 and have fond memories of it! I hope they make a sequel!

The_Zeitgeist3474d ago

Yeah they need to make a sequel for sure. I loved this game start to finish. I especially love the part with the crazy brother in the subway. Man I miss ripping off faces and eating hearts.

Nineball21123474d ago

Yeah, I'd definitely buy a sequel. I'm going to go back and play this game again before too long.

It does have a great story to it. I wish it would of had trophies too, but regardless... great game.

Roper3163474d ago

Ya this was a fantastic game! I really like the 2K shooters ( Darknees & Bioshock ) they aren't the military / Sci-Fi like everyone else does. They are more like a Fright Night or Tales from the Crypt kinda games and I find those so much more enjoyable.