Gamasutra Interview: Kyles Gray & Gabler On Experimental Gameplay Project's Return

The Experimental Gameplay Project, by which lone developers would create seven-day game prototypes around common themes, was born at Carnegie Mellon University and featured creators who went on to become crucial figures in the modern indie scene.

Now, the project has returned, with participation by several of its original members as well as new ones.

The roster is an all-star list of indie notables: Professor Hatsworth designer Kyle Gray, World of Goo co-creator Kyle Gabler (who built that game's predecessor in the original EGP), Maxis engineer Shalin Shodhan, Crayon Physics creator Petri Purho, and World of Goo programmer Allan Blomquist.

Following the announcement that the project would return, Gamasutra sat down with Kyle Gabler and Kyle Gray, both of whom were involved in the original incarnation, to discuss what led to the reboot, its future plans, and development beyond the core group.

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