TDG: Do You Play the Same Class in Every MMO?

They might sometimes have different names, but most MMOs share traits recognised as specific classes. Warriors, for example, are hardcore tanks able to take and deal a lot of damage. Priests are healers who can bring back the dead while Mages are squishy but able to devastate if you don't get in and down them fast.

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Chris3993473d ago

Always a caster/ dps. Usually a 'glass cannon' type toon. In WOW I have a lvl 80 pally and lock, but they're "backbenchers" and I play them both as dps classes anyhow.

I've played melee characters before, but they just don't have the same fun factor for me.

Most recently, I've been flying in the sky raining fiery death down upon my opponents (Aion) - most MMO fun I've had in years :)

KaL_D3472d ago

Always the archetypical "tank" first and foremost, followed up by high-DPS melee. Love being in the thick of in-your-face combat rather than ranged DPS. Shadowknights, paladins, dreadknights, scouts, rogues, assassins.. call em what you will.