EA: PS3 is a "Very Viable" Platform

Speaking to at the recent Shine Week in London - an event organised by the Department for Children Schools and Families to celebrate the talents of young people - EA UK boss Keith Ramsdale refused to be drawn on recent comments made by Activision CEO Bobby Kotick regarding the need for a PS3 price cut.

"Activision are free to make whatever comment they choose to make on it," said Ramsdale. EA, however, does not share Kotick's opinion.

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TheDeadMetalhead3470d ago

"EA, however, does not share Kotick's opinion."

Nobody does.

Cwalat3470d ago

Activison, Bobby Kotick: "If PS3 doesn't cut price we might stop supporting it!"

EA, Keith Ramsdale: "Sure, it would be cool if they dropped prices so install base would increase, but it's Sony's decision not ours. We will still support Sony no matter what they choose. WE WON'T TURN DOWN AN INSTALLBASE OF 23 MILLION! IF THE MOTHERFU**ERS AT ACTIVISION ARE THAT STUPID THEN LET THEM!! F***K THEM AND THEIR STUPID KIDS MATURITY!"

(oke not 100% accurate :P but still)

Syronicus3470d ago

Kotick is a dork for saying what he said and I as well as many others find his comment completely asinine. Thanks to companies like EA, the PS3 will certainly have a great future.

FarEastOrient3470d ago

EA made more money selling games on the PS3 than the Xbox 360 counterpart, one of the reasons why Ubisoft, Capcom, and Koonami think that abandoning the PS3 is a big joke.

4pocalyps33470d ago

hmm at last someone who doesn't have his head up his ass commenting on sonys price. hes right it isnt their or activision's decision, its sonys. respect +1 to ea.

DragonWarrior_43470d ago

Says the publisher that never has good servers for any of their online ps3 consumers. They screwed us with lag in all the madden and Live games. Then connecting to your friends in Army of 2 was damn near impossible. Dont even get me started on 1943 and other games cause I will get mad and its too early in the morning for this talk.

jack_burt0n3470d ago

bf:bc and burnout been great for me online on ps3

andron3470d ago

I wonder how the increased price of Tony Hawk: Ride will affect the sales of that release.

It's ironic that they complain about the price of the PS3, but price up MM2 and release a game that includes a pricey new motion controller. If they don't make more relevant games for that controller it will just gather dust until the next Tony Hawk...

Power_Of_Flops_3470d ago

@dragonfanboy : You must mistake your PS3 with a 360.

It's on 360 that BF1943 didn't work hours long, it's also on 360 that Fifa 09 Ultimate Team online mode didn't work ans was buggy as hell.

Both games worked perfectly on PS3. If anything, EA made a lot more effort on PS3 than they did on 360, and it showed.

My 2 cents.

evrfighter3470d ago

@ cwalat

what good is an install base when not even 5% of that install base buys games...

BLuKhaos3470d ago

Well BF1943 doesn't work perfectly on the PS3 but it works good enough for it to still be fun.

ultimolu3470d ago

Lol, it's good to see that Activision look like total idiots right now.

TheReaper423470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

so you're saying that less than 5% of ps3 owners buy games, yet EA and other devs are making more money off the PS3? What does that say about the "other" system then? That's just sad. Shows how well educated you are *rolls eye*

rockleex3470d ago

That ONE disagree you have might just be Bobby Kotick's! :O

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E_Dawgg3470d ago

You mean you can make money on 23 million consoles sold in the market? Facinating, sarcasm. Isn't this common sense?

Nihilism3470d ago

personally i think conditioners better, it makes the hair silky and smooth.

DragonWarrior_43470d ago

The only thing good that has come out of EA in the past decade is Deadspace. They killed football games, Live is lagging behind 2K, every madden has been the same since 2005, all they do is milk franchises. I feel bad for Pandemic, Bioware, id Software, and the Deadspace guys cause they deserve better then the third rate treatment EA gives to all its dev's. They treat these teams like money makers, not artist.

nycredude3470d ago

Dude, I hate EA also but to say they don't have games is retarted. They took a chance with Mirror's Edge, which I own and thought was a breath of fresh air, deadspace was great, and what about fight night games. Also Dragon Age coming out this year.

STONEY43470d ago

EA is getting better, but when an evil corporation changes, another one comes to take its place... *cough* Activision *cough*

HDgamer3470d ago

EA has stepped up this generation. But live is lagging behind 2k, it's been that way since last gen.

Power_Of_Flops_3470d ago

I disagree. EA has great games and made great efforts recently.

Deadspace is great.

Fifa 09 is the best football (soccer) game ever, killing completely PES09.

BF1943 is nice, Mirror's Edge is an innovation.

While I don't like big corps, I respect EA, they did some things good, and some things wrong.

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HDgamer3470d ago

But but fanboys state "facts" about how Sony needs Activision.[/lol]

ZOMBIEMAN13470d ago

Battlefield , Rock Band , Skate , Brutal Legend with those games i can see why we need activision because clearly those games aren't better than COD , GH , TH & Protoype ( sarcasm )

BLuKhaos3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

IMO Guitar Hero is way better than Rock Band.

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