Exclusive: Portable Xbox Gaming a Matter of "When"

Kikizo writes:

Microsoft Corporate VP says: "the question will be, how do we enter into that market?" Get the scoop on Xbox's mobile aspirations and why Live is the "connective tissue".

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ShabzS3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

really... i mean with live getting integrated with the portabox they could have something sweet on their hands... just like psn on psp / ps3... but i still think they should just keep the focus on 360 and beef up those first party studios... and good points on the current thrid part playing field ... its definitely more so than even now across both consoles...

dirigiblebill3471d ago

"Portabox" - heh :)


DevastationEve3471d ago

i just got done commenting on how it wouldn't be possible in another thread.

if they go for it i hope they're ready to go all-in...psp and ds are way too established and they have a lot of companies tied up to support one or the other.

brianleppez3471d ago

Xbox has certainly made a name for itself. It'll be interesting on how they approach portable gaming

Bnet3433471d ago

Portabox sounds kinda neat. I think they would name it like Xbox something. They always want to keep the Xbox name. I'd get one. It'd be nice to have Live integrated on it, along with your current Live account and gamerscore, etc.

darthv723471d ago

Before sony came out with it I was thinking Xbox-GO. Oh well, whatever they call it doesnt matter. So long as it is reliable and can play the same stuff you dl from xbla on the move.

The problem I am thinking of is a new format for the games. Unless they fully opt to do dlc which would sort of make sense with the games on demand thing for 360. I dont think any current company is willing to try and bridge the gap in home/portable like back in the days of NEC (turboexpress) and Sega (nomad).

They need to bring out their slim60 first before going all in on the handheld front. ZuneHD is a good first step though.

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Major_Tom3471d ago

Lol, straight shooters clear out of the ballpark every time Nelson.

Eiffel3471d ago

Yes. Xbox Originals on a portable would be made of so much win.

TheColbertinator3471d ago

Its gonna be tough but they can do it.If they can find a way to make Halo 1 portable,I'll pick up 3 three of the "Xbox GO" or whatever they call it

SpoonyRedMage3471d ago

No mention of the fact that Microsoft have already supported the DS and got some portable titles out there...

krouse933471d ago

Like what games? Zoo Tycoon was developed and published by THQ and Viva Piñata was published and developed by THQ

SpoonyRedMage3471d ago

They may have been published by THQ but I know for a fact Viva Pinata was developed by Rare and MS let Rare remake Diddy Kong Racing DS and whilst MS did not make it, they allowed Blue Dragon to be put on the DS.

MS might not be actively developing the games(although Rare is) but the fact that they're allowing their IPs to be put on the DS shows an interest.

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