Ausgamers: Battlefield 1943 Review


In the realm of multiplayer "shoot the other guy" gaming, the Battlefield franchise has always been at the forefront; or to use a war-themed pun, on the frontlines. From humble WWII beginnings, Battlefield progressed through the acid-tripping 60s to end up in a more hectic modern warfare setting. Yet throughout all this change, the core mechanics of Battlefield remained relatively untouched; each iteration bringing with it new and exciting concepts to the fold. Distributed digitally on Xbox Live and PSN (with PC to follow suit), Battlefield 1943 sees a change in direction, with the franchise re-imagined as a simple pick-up-and-play shooter. It sees the series going back to its original WWII setting, and bringing along with it familiar maps, vehicles, and weaponry. Modestly priced and featuring an installation size smaller than some previous Battlefield patches (on the surface at least), 1943 looks and sounds like Battlefield-lite.

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