SCEE confirms three-hour press conference for GamesCom

VG247: And we're off. Sony just confirmed a massive press conference for GamesCom.

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Lucreto3472d ago

If this is shown live I will be having a party.

They must be showing trailers for everything they didn't show at E3.

morganfell3472d ago

Hopefully someone will have a Live feed.

Lucreto3472d ago

It will be up in the store afterwards like they did last year.

morganfell3472d ago

Thanks for the info. I just don't want them to cut it. I was at E3 this year and when I got home I was disappointed to see how everything was trimmed down from the keynote.

SevWolf3472d ago

What do you guys think they'll show, I'm pretty sure they'll show eyepet and stuff from the London studio, I hope they'll show stuff from the other European developers, I would love to see some more Heavy Rain


Lets not hype this too much!

OmarJA3472d ago

OMG! dammit Sony E3 was too much...

Let the killing spree begin, keep'em coming. >:)

SuperM3472d ago

They will probably show a few games for the new motion controller, im guessing a couple of games from london studios atleast. I also suspect they will announce release date for GT5 which should be at the end of the year, im guessing november.

SnuggleBandit3472d ago

slim...pretty pretty please :)

Alvadr3472d ago

Alot longer than the E3 conference. Lets hope they have some good stuff in there

brianleppez3472d ago

Make clear everything about their games like the GT5 and MAG release date.

ThanatosDMC3472d ago

Hideo Kojima + ZOE3 = Pants Explosion

I want Fat Princess too. I want more game announcements.

beavis4play3471d ago

really curious to see what the atmosphere/art direction/gameplay is like. would also like to hear that "eight days" is back and wardevil still exists(but i won't hold my breath on those 2).

Traveler3471d ago

I'll be watching this. Should be interesting.

ultimolu3471d ago

Holy sh*t!

...That's all that I have to say.

rockleex3471d ago

They showed so much stuff I didn't even want it to end! O_O

Thank god they reserved 3 hours for this one! >:D

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snaz273472d ago

hopefully they got some cool stuff to show us then, well there must be something to fill 3 hours! they will probably show alot more of the pspgo tho, which i couldnt care less about lol, just tell me when gt5 is out!! lol

DeforMAKulizer3472d ago

HOLY FLAMING COW!!!!! 3 hours?!?!?!?!
PS3 slim, price cut, GT5, more new games, Agent, last guardian...!!!
Maybe PSN-connect? Or cloud?
Maybe PS2 game classics in the store?!!?!
CONSIDER ME PUMPED!!!! Dont forget a hopeful name and final design for the PS Wand!!!

PirateThom3472d ago

That's on my birthday. Gran Turismo 5 release date would be a nice present. HINT HINT HINT HINT!

thereapersson3472d ago

I can only BEGIN to imagine what they will announce or talk about at this thing. I'm excited to hear about this when it comes around