Mortal Online Beta Phase One Monday

The first phase of Mortal Online's open beta test starts on Monday, allowing the first 2,000 people onto the server.

'Block A' will include the 999 people who purchased the Limited Edition.

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Maticus3471d ago

I hope the game lives up to the hype.

Chazmers3471d ago

Like you said I just hope it can live up to the hype

Medievaldragon3471d ago

Let's see how they handle the rush of people login in at once.

Dorjan3471d ago

OOh, sounds like they want us to dip our toes in first.

Malfurion3471d ago

I managed to get the game pre-ordered, so I'll be testing it soon! I'm wondering if this will be the MMO to change future MMOs, or just another WoW alternative.

Maticus3471d ago

For the sake of gaming, I hope the first option.

thetamer3471d ago

I got a beta, na na na na na

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