World of Warcraft Lore: Journey into the Stars explains the wide possibilities for future World of Warcraft expansions based on seven new worlds revealed by Blizzard Entetertainment's Creative Director Chris Metzen back on 2005.

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Medievaldragon3474d ago

Based on what Metzen said there are a potential of at least 8 WoW expansions planned.

Malfurion3474d ago

Well at the rate of one expansion per two years, will anyone still be playing it by the time the last one comes out?!

Maticus3474d ago

Despite what some fans say, there's still huge scope for further expansions.

Demonsdown3474d ago

Ya look at Ever Quest still putting out expansions as long as there are still enough people playing and buying expansions they will keep putting them out.

BTW that site sets off my avast! for a trojan so be careful. Probably just one of their adds but still thought I would warn people.

Medievaldragon3474d ago

I also have avast, it doesn't happen on the front page, only on the forums. They are trying to figure out what is triggering avast.

Mitsumoto3472d ago

I was thinking and one of the expansions name should be!
World of Warcraf Might of Sargeras