Bone-idle : Battlefield 1943 Review

Bone-idle writes "Battlefield has proven so popular in the office that it has been given a dual review. 2 of our reviewers have given the game a good going over and give their opinions below. Does this mean the game is just that good or is it due to having very little to do in the office during the summer you decide !!

Battlefield 1943 hit both xbox live arcade and the PSN this week and it has been a huge success. Due to the usual summer slow down in game releases there is a very large lull in the market and EA have pounced on it. Battlefield has been such a success it even took EA by surprise and the first day of release on xbox saw massive sales figures forcing EA to double the amount of servers for it due to the amount of problems from people trying to log on thankfully they worked very quickly and by the next day when it was released on PS3 everything was running smoothly".

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