IncGamers: Battlefield 1943 Review [360]

IncGamers' Andy Alderson enlists in Battlefield 1943.

From the review:

When journos and fans alike wax lyrical about the Battlefield series, one phrase repeatedly crops up: "the Battlefield Moment." In essence, it's that moment of exaggerated, joyous action which has defined the series to date. It's that moment when, amidst the chaos of the battlefield, a single unbelievable event occurs that prompts you to stare at the screen for a moment with a grin on your face, wishing there was some kind of replay function. Of all the online shooters on the market, none inspire so many in-game anecdotes as Battlefield.

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Dorjan3474d ago

Your moment makes me want to have my own!!

thetamer3474d ago

I'm still not sure. I know it's action packed and all, but the balancing issues still worry me, plus, I like healing people. I'm a lover people, a lover among fighters.

AndyA3474d ago

I think DICE has got the balancing just about right.

Maticus3474d ago

I'm SO pleased about the high score. This game deserves the favourable reviews, wonderful.

Fyzzu3474d ago

And yet I wonder whether it'll be enough to drag me away from Team Fortress 2. I'm actually kinda pleased this is "dumbed down," though; it seems like it'll be much easier to just have FUN with it that way.

Chazmers3474d ago

I still need to pick this up. hmmm maybe this weekend what with the bad weather

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