PS Blog: ModNation Racers Trailer

Official Playstation Blog:
"It's been just over a month since we had the pleasure of announcing ModNation Racers at E3. It was a huge relief to finally show our baby to the world! We can't thank everyone enough for their enthusiasm and support!

Just in case you missed coverage of ModNation Racers at E3, we now have a trailer. And here it is:"

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yoghurt3477d ago

This could be Sony's Mario Kart, easy to pick up and play and just pure fun. Plus the added bonus of massive customization and map creator

Aquarius3477d ago

...but unlike Mario Kart it requires to create everything from scratch. It's only pick up and play if it has a reasonable amount of tracks on the disc.

Some people are calling it "LBP 2" which means it even more sophisticated.

doctorstrange3477d ago

this game does look like a winner

thereapersson3477d ago

Games like this are beneficial to the industry as a whole -- and much more beneficial than any motion technology can ever be.