Valkyria Chronicles 2 Site Live, New Screens and Info

The Japanese site for Valkyria Chronicles 2 is now live and full of new content.

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hay3474d ago

Yeah, I sure hope for some sweet unique PSP functions that the game can take advantage off.

Xulap3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Yeah, something like the connectivity Resistance: Retribution had with the PS3.

Like, the ability to use the DualShock 3 with the game, unlockables between both games(PS3/PSP), and such things.

UltimateIdiot9113474d ago

Agree, more games need to take advantage of the PS3 and PSP connectivity. I'm happy to buy VC2.

-MD-3474d ago

Why does this have to be PSP exclusive? Sigh. Would have liked another PS3 VC.

wazzim3474d ago

after the terrible PS3 sales nobody expected a sequel.
I hate people that complain about things like this, they are screwing 500k fans but gaining 1mil.

UltimateIdiot9113474d ago

The sales was not that terrible. For a niche new IP title, I would say it did pretty well. Even Sega thought so.

Obama3474d ago

it sold almost twice as much as TOV, so the sales definitely is not a big issue.

jrsenkbe3474d ago

I dont have time for a PSP and this is my favorite game for this gen and the anime is great as well. Why does SEGA have to screw their loyal fans? Its just like with Yakuza. Maybe if they could improve the Sonic games to at least good status they would make more money.
I loved the days when it was Mario vs. Sonic.

LeShin3474d ago you expect them to take a risk again by spending more money on developing a PS3 version which might sell as badly as the first one making Sega loose even more money in the process? I don't think so lol I'm a huge Valkyria Chronicles fan but even I can't blame Sega for this. If I was them, I'd do the same. We're even lucky to be getting a sequel.

Good thing I've got a PSP, first day purchase!

name3474d ago

sold badly? it sold over 700,000

UltimateIdiot9113474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I wouldn't say screw most of their fan. Every single PS3 owners I know except one has a PSP. So maybe like 1 out of every 20?

If you think about it, this might turn some PSP owners into PS3 owners.

Chubear3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

^^ exactly and a game like this didn't even need 500,000 to start making profit. I think a lot of newage gamers have been severely jaded by halo type 9mill sales. Very very few games sell 7-10mill life time and games that sell 3-5mill are considered a massive success.

These newage gamers actually think games NEED to sell like halo to make profit when in actuality, only very high end games need to sell 1 mill to start reaping profit. The average game this gen only needs btw 500thou-700thou and a game like VC obviously didn't have insane resources put into it like a gears or even resistance both of which probably only needed 700thou to reap back initial investment (if that much to begin with)

Games like MGS4 and Killzone 2 obviously are the kind of game that need to sell 1mill to start making profit.

The only tough thing for a lot of developers is after the game makes profit they're often left with a tiny sum after publishers and royalties are paid up so the more a game can sell beyond that 500thou threshold (or whatever bench mark threshold for their initial investment) the better for them in being able to have money in their pockets and invest in a sequel.

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artgamer3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

probably won't be the same without the characters from VC1. But the Valkyria Chronicles gameplay is perfect for traveling.

Just wish they would have called it VC:PSP, that would have explained the style change to tacky regular anime.

Perkel3474d ago

wow , gt mobile, gow chains of, mgs peace walker, and now Valkyria Chronicles on PSP ....

the best year ever for psp..

now psp is must have...

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