A chance we'll see a modern version of Vib Ribbon

Speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton yesterday, Masaya Matsuura, the famed creator of PaRappa The Rapper, has revealed there's a chance we'll see a new version of the much loved rhythm video game Vib Ribbon.

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PirateThom3471d ago

Vib Ribbon never got the appreciation it deserved back in the day, even though it was a unique game.

It's a shame it would probably be awkward to make it work as a PSOne Classic download, so a new version would be appreciated. MAKE IT HAPPEN, SONY!

Dir_en_grey3471d ago

Yes, new version is much needed, for mp3 support.
A PSP version would also be welcome in my book.

makingdamage3471d ago

Imo, this is what kind of titles Sony should offer on psn when it comes to PSOne titles. And bring on Parappa the rapper Sony!

I bought a couple of the old PSOne games off the psn store and when they not use a very simple control they´re not so good, I´ve really gotten used to playing games with the two sticks. Also, the old games graphic is really bad today, it´s annoying. So I think I would appreciate old PSOne games with really simple graphic more, like Vib Ribbon and Parappa the rapper and such.