Microsoft Promise Portfolio of Launch Games for Project NATAL

Microsoft have long been discussing a "relaunch" for the Xbox 360 when Project NATAL arrives next year, causing the rumour mill to run rampant with suggestions of new console design with the functionality built-in, or at least using Project NATAL as a springboard for the Xbox 360's successor to launch from. However, those fires have long been extinguished, and the reality of the matter is that Microsoft intend on supporting Project NATAL with the same kind of publicity and retail presence that would be expected with the arrival of a new console. However, as many have stated – and would be right in doing so – no matter how successful the hardware launch is, it would be incredibly difficult to sustain without the support of a range of enjoyable software.

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-MD-3470d ago

Well a Rare game is pretty much confirmed as a launch title as they have yet to announce anything for 2009 or 2010.

wicked3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

yes, and Lionhead, as they are doing loads of work with it.