PSX Extreme: Shatter Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "We're beginning to pay closer attention to the PlayStation Network; the number of top-quality and endlessly entertaining titles available for download is increasing at a rapid rate. Some are even exclusive to the PSN and another potential winner is headed our way next week. We wanted to give you a look at this one before it popped up on the Store, because we have a very simple and straightforward policy at PSXE: if it's a game we deem to be worthy of your time, we're gonna want to tell you about it, regardless of the intended format."

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thereapersson3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

This game looks like breakout on steroids. First day buy for me!

here's an HD trailer link:

Gamersyde E3 interview & gameplay:

Game has boss-battles and it even shows your friends' scores in real-time so you have a goal to work towards while you are playing

Cajun Chicken3475d ago

I'm going to hammer this game when it comes out.