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k jules3474d ago

From now on I'll be boycotting Activision! (after MW2 that is)

shocky163474d ago

This is beyond pathetic. A arcade 360 costs about 130 quid. Who do they think they are scamming?

SupaPlaya3474d ago

Without a price drop on PS3 they can't continue to overprice stuff.

On a serious note, I hope they're not trying to start a trend with this. And It's not like they spent 5 yrs making this game either.

RussDeBuss3474d ago

this game has become a rent only for me, with the rrp of 55 quid they can shove it. cod 4 i only liked for the single player, multi was alright, but bad company is better, and bad company 2 is out next year

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Jager3474d ago

jesus christ that's almost 200 USD... 195.80 to be exact.

cayal3474d ago

Sheesh. What does it come with? Your own war?

LeShin3474d ago

Agreed! Have a bubble for making me laugh lol!

micro_invader3474d ago

Hahaha! Seriously, just take a bubble. You made my day =D


dorron3474d ago

Only crazy people would buy the game at that price...

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The story is too old to be commented.