Jones: APB has cost $30 million, won't have "normal" subs model

Upcoming Realtime Worlds MMO APB has cost around $30 million so far, company boss Dave Jones told VG247 at Develop this week, and won't be covered by a "normal" subscription model when it releases next spring.

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DelbertGrady3476d ago

$30 million and it "might" be coming to consoles ;)

N4GAddict3476d ago

I have a feeling it won't sell well

MGOelite3476d ago

pc versions gonna get pirated to fuk!!!!

3476d ago
xTruthx3476d ago

ferm u can hack anything this days, i play l4d on steam and im using a cracked account. So i dont think it will be hard to crack this 1

blackpanther253476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

oh there are many private sever provider like gameranger. I play pirated (demigod) online games there and other severs. the thing that makes it possible is that u only have 100 people per city.

free2game3653476d ago

people who pirate games suck, the above people included

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zornik3476d ago

You can't hack MMO games to play for free.Only when you run the client on a privat server.
You can hack the game but you still need to pay the monthly fee.
Do you need to pay a montly fee for L4D? you can play it for free...untill Valve clean up the servers.

darkmurder3476d ago

Another MMO doomed for failure then, although the game may be good if the price isn't right the crowds will dissipear.

blackpanther253476d ago

APB does a lot of cool things, but i totally agree with you. Warhammer failed so bad cause they had so many servers that some became unbalanced real quick. This whole "100 people per server idea" i don't like it. Will you be able to switch to a different server easily and still have your character? Is it really a mmo if your only playing a maximum of 99 other people(might as well play GeoW2 online or something else)? They haven't even really discussed PVE and if that is even going to be in the game.

free2game3653476d ago

It uses a match making system for servers. It's not exactly an MMO, but even still with a 100 player count it's FAR above something like Gears Of War 2, so I don't see the point of that comparison. In addition to that compared to other shooter "MMOs" 100 players in a game is very high. Since all of those are instanced to hell, so the "mmo" part is basically a glorified lobby.

Half-Mafia3476d ago

ive tried not to get to hyped about this game because i thought there was going to be a monthly sub. but now that there isnt a pay per month now im real excited about it, its like my dream GTA game.

that keynote video was also a great watch.

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