Overclock3D: Asus ENGTX275 896MB PCIe Review

cwrites: "The all conquering GTX280 has been around for quite some time now and has since been surpassed by the GTX285. Price however has always been the stumbling block for the GTX285 with many either opting to go the full hog and plump for an ATI4870x2 or drop down a notch to the GTX260. ATI exploited this gap in the market and filled it with the excellent HD4890 graphics card which for all intents and purposes performed extremely well and was very popular among enthusiasts but NVidia fans did not have this option until the GTX275 arrived on the scene."

The Good
- The price
- The packaging
- The performance

The Mediocre
- No game included
- Thermal Paste was dry

The Bad
- The temperature

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