HotHardware: Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition Processor Review

HotHardware writes: "When you consider Intel's recent success at introducing new, cutting-edge processor architectures as of late, you can't help but appreciate the fact that the company is executing extremely well. The cold, hard fact of the matter is, even their last generation Core 2 architecture competes admirably with AMD's most recent update of the Phenom II, dollar for dollar and clock for clock. In fact, Intel's Core 2 architecture has done so well, that further roll-out of Intel's newer Core i7 line-up has been limited, no doubt in part because Intel doesn't absolutely need their fledgling new chip architecture to compete vigorously with their rival. There's no question, AMD's Phenom II is a solid alternative to the Core 2 but playing catch-up to Intel's legacy architecture is still not a very exciting position to be in, obviously."

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likedamaster3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

This will be my next purchase along with an EVGA Classified MoBo. Upgrading my cards to 2X GTX285 FTW, as well.