HMV bags Modern Warfare 2 Prestige UK exclusive

Phil Elliot from writes:

" can reveal that HMV has negotiated the exclusive UK rights to sell the premium edition of the hugely-anticipated shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - the bundle which will famously include functional night vision goggles.

The game, which will be released on November 10, will see the Prestige Edition sell for GBP 119.99 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 formats, with HMV's online pre-order option available now."

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Jamie Foxx3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

..i do want those googles but ....£119?

Time Lord3471d ago

I'am really starting to hate Activision.

Kurt Russell3471d ago

$150 is £92 according to currency converter... They can naff off with a price hike like that. Chumps.

Kushan3471d ago

The sad thing is that this is actually one of the better price conversions we've seen lately. Typically, we get shafted much more than this, like with Rock band that literally cost twice as much as it did in the US for the band set, but you didn't even get the game.

Rusco873471d ago

We always get screwed over in the UK with prices. But you can see people buying about 4 of these and selling them on ebay for around £400 each

vasilisk3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

The only ones getting constantly screwed is the rest of Europe and the rest of the world, not UK. You get the cheapest games in Europe, and the cheapest consoles. PS3 retails for 299BP which is roughly 345Euros and the rest of Europe gets it with 399Euros. The 360 Elite retails for 220BP (255Euros) and it's 290 for the rest of Europe. Same thing also happens with the 60GB and the Arcade.
Not to mention the crazy discounts that british retailers, and the new games are also cheaper. The most expensive games retail for 39.99BP which is roughly 46Euros. You can't find a new game under 59.90Euros anywhere else in Europe. So instead of whining all the time, you can be glad that you are the second cheaper region in the world, and in many occasions THE cheaper region in the world (remember that the US still waits for a platinum version of uncharted which retails for 19.99BP in the uk). Also the games tend to be on sale a lot sooner in UK than the rest of the world.

Rusco873471d ago

The UK never get games first, it might be a rare occasion, But if its something that has a global release you can garantee that the UK and the rest of Europe will get screwed over. And its not as if im saying no where else gets screwed over on price its just the fact that the places that are selling the games push the prices up because of exchange rates when its not fair. America has it so easy when it comes buying games and consoles.

vasilisk3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Let me rephrase that. When I said that games tend to be on sale a lot sooner, I meant that they discount the games a lot sooner than anywhere in the world right now.
The fact is that UK remains the second cheaper location in the world and in many occasions it is the cheapest one, especially in discounted games. In the UK I see games that are on sale for 2-3 weeks and then they are heavily discounted. In the US the games don't get discounted that easily. I don't see why british people keep whining when they get the better deals...

Rusco873471d ago

the Uk the 2nd cheapest? yeah right i wish. if i want a released game like modern warfare 2 on day of release i would have to pay £44-£50 on the day. the chance of this game going into a sale within two weeks of release or any other game for that matter. the only games that come down in price are crap games, a good example is the new transformers game based around the film was dropped ten pound in its first week due to poor sales. but looking at COD 4 you cant buy this game brand new for less that £35 - £40 and its 2 years old. i even import games from the US because even including postage its still cheaper

DeviateFish3471d ago

Salaries in the UK are a bit higher than the ones in the US though. It's not just a case of UK being more expensive than the US. Take into account the cost of living, average salaries, and it would be pretty similar I would think.

Rusco873471d ago

yeah wages are higher for the people who earn 25k and above but because of the high tax rates and living cost hike luxuries such as games are just too much

Viper73470d ago

Uk getting screwed again? I am already ordering 90% of my games from UK just because they are like 50% cheaper than here. New games are like 65-70€(60.1£) here, which is ridiculous compared to the UK:s ~40€ not to mention that they even ship the games here for umm? 1€ which is cheaper than ordering from local web store!

complaining is ridiculous whining.

Currently if game gets relased in US and will come to europe with over 1 month of wait, ill just order it from US. few € for delivery and the prices are pretty reasonable. I wont start waiting them to translate game to dozen of languages that I wont be needing.

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Meus Renaissance3471d ago

LMAO a bit more you can get a console!

Lucreto3471d ago

I won't get it then if it is a HMV exclusive. HMV are one of the worst retailers for price out there. I was not going to pay €75 for Infamous or any other game for that matter. I expect this will be €170-€200 in Ireland.

MGOelite3471d ago

GAME is sooooo much worse than hmv

Lucreto3471d ago

No they are cheaper Infamous was €55 a good €20 more and these shops were just next to each other.

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