Gaming on a 80GB Nintendo GameBoy

User _n30_ on a French website forum has performed a miraculous old skool Gameboy mod. He has managed to pack it with a fully working 80GB SATA hard drive.

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whateva3470d ago

over kill!

but that's a nice mod

badz1493470d ago

he could just put 20GB and still will manage to keep all GB games in existence and left with another 19.1GB to spend on nothing. - totally pointless!

hay3470d ago

Hahah, insane stunt. I wonder if the battery lasts longer than 20 minutes.

starvinbull3470d ago

whats shocking is that handhelds were big enough back then to accept a hard drive.

SKUD3470d ago

What a waste of time. Now if he got the game boy to plan porn then it evens out. Tomato sauce.

DanteLinkX3470d ago

all GB roms make a total of 9MBs, brilliant.

grayscare03469d ago

I believe something similar has been done before with a Mini-ITX mobo. Seems pointless to me.