RPGfan : DQIX Goes Triple Platinum

Chris Winkler writes "Square Enix today announced that total shipments of Dragon Quest IX have reached the three million mark, only four days into the DS-based RPG's availability in Japan. Meanwhile, worldwide shipments for the entire Dragon Quest franchise have passed the 50 million mark.
As reported earlier, Dragon Quest IX sold more than 2.3 million copies on July 11th and 12th, the first two days that it was on sale"

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starvinbull3474d ago

It's only just passed the 50 million mark which means it's less successful than GT. Hasn't it been round for yonks? They need to make more if they are selling a bit less than a million a day. I don't get Square e they could be churning out quality hits like this 3-4 times a year yet recently they have been pumping out sh1t at superhuman frequency.
Sometimes less is more. Less The Last Remnant, Star Ocean 4 and more DQIX, FFXIII please.

EpsilonTeam3474d ago

If only this was a psp game.. sigh

RockmanII73474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

and only 15 franchises can say that their series has sold 50 million copies, good for them

List(In order):
Mario, Pokemon, Tetris, The Sims, Need for Speed, Final Fantasy, Grand theft Auto, Madden, Fifa, Legend of Zelda, Tom Clancy, Nickelodeon, Sonic, Gran Turismo, and Dragon Quest. Also Donkey Kong is within a million of being number 16.

starvinbull3474d ago

My above point is that it has been around forever and could have surpassed the 50m years ago if they'd have got their finger out. Square are a shadow of the company that made FF7 in my opinion.

PS360WII3474d ago

Well Dragon Quest is from Enix in any event :)

SpoonyRedMage3474d ago

Yup and DQIX was released in the same comparitive timeframe to DQVII and DQVIII. They all had massive gaps between them but he seems to be forgetting that DQM: Joker, DQIV and DQV on the DS have all sold over a million as well.

starvinbull3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

But they're nerfed versions of DQ that haven't had money and time lavished on them like a AAA release. The fact that the new release has sold more than triple their respective amounts adds to my point.
DQIX is hardly a big budget game yet look at the sales. Imagine what FFXIII will do.
The best rpgs of the playstation and snes generations were all made by Square or Enix yet they have mustered 1 half decent game this generation.
Nobody can say that SQUARE-ENIX are a company in full throttle laying waste to all competitors, 3 years ago they were.
Im not critisizing the quality of DQIX quite the opposite. My point is that one of the biggest developers in the world ought to show a bit more love to their fans and a bit more ambition.
They're uniquely positioned to create new masterpieces only Take Two, Ubisoft and EA have greater resources.

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SpoonyRedMage3474d ago

Go Dragon Quest! Wooohoo! Can't wait to get DQIX, DQVI and DQ Wars on my DSi!

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