GameFocus: Overlord II Review

GameFocus writes: "Silly, fun and downright laughable video games, in a good way, are rare or to be blunt about it, video games which are actually funny instead of trying to be funny and failing miserably are a rare treat. Overlord was fun but I was unprepared for the numerous moments in the game where I laughed out loud and smiled over the simple and sly humor penned by Rhianna Pratchett, who also worked on some of my favorite video games Heavenly Sword, Mirrors Edge and Viking: Battle for Asgard."


+ Great graphics and audio all around
+ Fun Gameplay which is better than the originals
+ Fun single player game with a good online multiplayer option
+ Customization of your Overlord, minions and lair are excellent
+ The humor is hilarious
+ Writing is top notch as always from Rhianna Pratchett


- Feels a bit hard at times with little direction on some missions
- More to do would make this feel like a bigger and newer game rather than a slightly better sequel
- Is it me or are the voices just like those in Fable 2

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