Game Night with Shadow Complex

1UP writes: Like Castlevania? And Metroid? You'll dig Shadow Complex.

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coolirisGB3470d ago

I purchased $150 worth of Microsoft points for Summer Of Arcade and all the best XBLA games I missed in the last 3 years.

Shadow Complex seems just as appealing as some of the huge $60 games coming out this year.

ShabzS3469d ago

summer of arcade is pretty sweet .. i think is splosion man this week right ... cant wait till those full 360 games on demand show up.. debit card option is pretty sweet

matt2473470d ago

That was hilarious when he killed the boss and an enemy just popped out

green3470d ago

That was pretty hilarious.Shadow Complex is shaping up to be one of my most anticipated games of the year.Game looks like an absolute blast to play.

ShabzS3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

lol yah... he thought he survived the worse of it... that was good ... even the part were he shot the bazooka right UP INTO the robot... also noticed the physics ? ...the rag doll physics especially... they've defintely put some work into this

Sonyslave33470d ago

Damn the graphic are amazing they look better then most of WII games and this is a XBLA game.

STARS3470d ago

Looks like a pretty slick downloadable side-scroller. I also noticed Nolan North is voicing the main character. Man, he's certainly had no problems finding work recently, a few off of the top of my head; Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Halo 3, Halo Wars, MGS4, Fable 2, Lost Planet, Prince of Persia, Uncharted 2 and now Shadow Complex. Very talented voice actor.

ShabzS3469d ago

yeah its pretty slick ... loving the dynamic shadows as well ... the voice actor's pretty good too

ShabzS3469d ago

the interview guy is a little nervous for some reason ... lol... game is looking good