Y-12 guards suspended over video devices

There's an appropriate time and place for portable gaming. Stuck in a dentist's waiting room? Of course. In the back seat during a lengthy road trip? Go right ahead. Waiting for the movie to start? Acceptable! Working as a security guard stationed in the heart of one of the nation's oldest high-security nuclear weapons plants? No, sir.

Three guards have been suspended for bringing video game devices, including one with transmitting capability, into the heart of a high-security nuclear weapons plant. Wackenhut Services spokeswoman Courtney Henry confirmed to 10News that the three security police officers were suspended without pay for an incident three weeks ago at the Department of Energy's Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in Oak Ridge.

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The Obvious3472d ago

Nuclear devices can blow up with severe consequences.

k jules3472d ago

No Sh!t Sherlock, you really are the Obvious lol

PainisCupcake3472d ago

Thanks Gordon Freeman...........

Timesplitter143472d ago

Why do you people disagree?

Are you all heartless bastards with absolutely no sense of humor?

His name is "The Obvious", btw

tsk tsk...

micro_invader3472d ago

Obvious account is made for obvious humour. Awesome :D

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gintoki7773472d ago

nuclear devices blowing up is not a good thing

Timesplitter143472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I remain unconvinced by your arguments, gintoki. Maybe we should return to the labs and do more tests. Maybe our test subjects were simply allergic to nuclear explosions in the face.

danielle0073472d ago

Prettttty terrible. But still, hilariousss!

Timesplitter143472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I don't think a nuclear weapons plant can blow up the planet, unless they said "planet" as in "an american city" as in "the rest of the world doesn't count"

Cenobia3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Well the initial explosion wouldn't have, but we'd be like:

At which point someone would push an abnormally large red button, sending nukes to Russia, Cuba, Korea, the entire Middle East, and France for good measure. Also, probably Canada because they talk funny and are slowly killing us with beer and bacon.

By killing almost everyone we'd be sure to hit the person that launched the nuke.

DanteLinkX3472d ago

You guys are too funny LOL.

mrv3213471d ago

I highly doubt Russia or America would act with any sort of Aggression if something happend for two reasons

The Cold war is over
Russsia is no longer communist.

All that would happen is a fairly large explosion and a massive drop in American economy worse then 1929 causes another world war and escillation into a nuclear holocaust. Sounds like christmas.

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The story is too old to be commented.