Working Title: The Perfect Fighting Game

From the art style of Street Fighter and the storytelling of Mortal Kombat to the rules of Dead or Alive and the Super Moves/Power Gauge/Fatalities of Street Fighter Alpha 3, 411's Jordan Williams continues to construct his Perfect Fighting Game in the latest edition of Working Title!

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hay3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Nope, isn't perfect. It's just an article how the perfect game would look like for him.
I hate SF4 style(goddamn you Capcom for making Chun Li thigh-monster!), would prefer Soul Calibur one or Tekken.
KoF killed a character a lot earlier, in more wicked way and story-wise they should rather look at Guilty Gear or BlazBlue where the story is actually worthwile and story mode engaging.
Though I agree with rules and super moves. It would even worked quite well with each other since DoA used few qcf/hcb moves.
But again, not everyone likes DoA mechanism and ISM system.