Microsoft loses Internet Explorer market share to Firefox

Tech.blorge : "Microsoft has been on a rampage with its Internet Explorer 8 browser lately. The company has been pushing the latest browser with a slew of advertisement campaigns and contests to foster interest in IE8. The reason as to why Microsoft has been so aggressive probably stems from the fact that IE usage has been on the decline.

Many news sites have noticed Microsoft's sudden change in IE marketing tactics. PC World even goes into details on why Microsoft is continuing to beat a dead browser. Microsoft has clearly been investing in marketing as there is a noticeable uptake in ads for the browser."

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TheColbertinator5383d ago

I welcome Firefox with open arms.I prefer the smooth features of Firefox and the tabs are better.IE just freezes and gets spyware easily

Major_Tom5383d ago

Ahah, in the EU Windows 7 should come pre-loaded with Firefox.

Pandamobile5383d ago

Anyone that actually knows how to install another browser will do so. I'm sure 75% of the people that use IE can't figure out that there's other alternatives.

Pandamobile5383d ago

The only time I use IE is when I'm on a fresh install of Windows and I need to use it to download Chrome or Firefox.

MGOelite5383d ago

only reason i use it when im using pcpitstop and it demands i use IE

Traveler5383d ago

Both Firefox and Chrome are worlds better than Internet Explorer. Chrome offers a nice, fast, streamlined experience, while Firefox is unrivaled in the amount of extensions and add-ons available for it. I use them both. I never use Internet Explorer.

ThanatosDMC5382d ago

Did anybody see the ads for IE8? It says, download IE8 and they'll donate 8 meals to someone.


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Major_Tom5383d ago

It's funny because I usually see you praising Microsoft for every damn little corporate footprint they leave behind.

Obama5383d ago

Well you can't blame him on this one. IE is just too crappy.

Major_Tom5383d ago

Yeah, and I can't believe we actually used that crap back in the day.

kaveti66165383d ago

Is it your time of the month?

STONEY45383d ago

I don't think Muderdolls necessarily praises Microsoft, just the 360 and what Microsoft does with it. Everyone knows alot of their other products (Zune, Iinternet Explorer) are just crap.

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name5383d ago

Agreed. The only thing chrome is missing that bothers me is the right click wallpaper thing >_>

Viper75383d ago

I prefer chrome as well, Altough I would love to get some nice plugins for it.

Thats why I am a bit like using both FF and Chrome.

ultimolu5383d ago

Chrome and Firefox all the way. IE...I'm sorry to say is a crap browser. Way too many pop-ups and other weird stuff goes on with that.

ChickeyCantor5382d ago

" Way too many pop-ups and other weird stuff goes on with that."

I hate the browser war but its as if people are stuck in the past.
Ie 7 and especially 8 solve allot of those whiny trivial problems people jump up with.

I my self am on Chrome( for some reason it duplicates the history of n4g, i need to hit backspace 5 times before it goes to the previous page) and Fire fox needs allot of boot time.
I guess its also your pc settings and current OS condition.

But IE has progressed allot, people don't even bother to try it since they are traumatized since IE6

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