MCV: Natal attraction (Full Interview)

MCV writes: "The Xbox 360's new camera-based controller had a dramatic unveiling at E3 last month. But why should the industry be excited? Michael French spoke to Microsoft Game Studios head Phil Spencer to find out…

Q: Some say Microsoft 'won' E3 with Natal. When did work on the new device begin?

A: "We started looking at controller-less gaming about four years ago. So it's been quite a while. The great thing about Microsoft is that we are a big software company – and almost everything in Natal is software driven. Obviously there is some hardware that enables the console to 'see', but the research division at Microsoft has done a lot of work on facial recognition, voice recognition, skeletal mapping – I'm talking PhD people in Cambridge and China – which has all contributed to the software powering it.

We have long been committed to making this work – that is, empowering players and removing the entire concept of needing a controller – but have taken our time to find the right solution."

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