Major Nelson: Xbox 360 "system update coming later this summer"

Major Nelson just tweeted about the details Microsoft released of the Fall 360 update coming to the 360, however he specified that the update was "coming later this summer". Typo or and indication that the next 360 dash update is coming a little earlier than expected? You decide!

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Sk8boyP3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

New and improved features are always welcome by gamers!
*reassuring wink because it could just be a typo* ;)

Zedux3471d ago

guess I don't trust this guy and microsoft no more. All they do is lie to me and take my money! just see how they lie to you making you believe a notebook is better than a Mac! Mr. Bill I had enough of your company destructive business!

g0green3471d ago

Microsoft has already confirmed this update is coming in early august... isnt that summer?? then another update following this augusts' will appear in the fall, probably november, containing twitter, facebook, and

phosphor1123471d ago

The stuff announced at E3 that is. On demand games and such. Hope that goes well for you guys. I don't have a 360, so I know I can't lol. Either way, my internet is too crap for most things anyone offers.

ThaOutKast3471d ago

I'm still waiting for the update that lets me keep the NXE features like Netflix, installing games, avatars, parties. But lets me have the option of switching between the old interface with the blades and NXE. Oh well, guess I'll keep waiting and waiting...and waiting

Seraphim3471d ago

that's one reason I haven't even turned my 360 on in months... I'd much rather use the blades than NXE. Quite frankly, I absolutely hate NXE and think it BLOWS. The blades weren't only great but looked great as well. They were easy navigate, to the point, and very functional. A retarded monkey could have used the blades. With NXE everything is so convoluted. It just plain sucks navigating that crap and searching for stuff; imho... Meh, might as well just stick to playing to exclusives on it. Maybe I should sell it. I don't know what to do with it considering it's sitting around collecting dust. Yeah, that's how much I hate the NXE; or O/XE is what we should be calling it now.....

pushergreen3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

Yo just a heads up to the tools above. It is not cool to go full retard in the gamer zone.

Cherchez La Ghost3471d ago

Don't come in here complaining about it. Sell your system and move on! Me and the rest of the people do not have the time listen to you bicth and moan.

Grown Folks Talk3471d ago

& maybe avatar store are set for summer. I believe the rest is fall.

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