Sales results for The Conduit are in

SEGA stated last week that The Conduit saw "very strong week one sales." But how has it performed according to the June NPD sales data?

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knox3470d ago

ouch, i kinda expected better, but i guess this only has 9 sales days so next month should be better

Ellessdee3470d ago

not to nock the game, or the wii. but its just not a "hardcore" console. games like that arnt going to do well, period. personally i will probably buy the conduit. but im very slow on my wii purchases because I focus on my other consoles.

companys just need to accept the fact that "hardcore games" are not good for the wii. games can be great, like zelda and mario, but not all serious like conduit and no more heroes. companys need to make games more fit for the wii audience.

heroicjanitor3470d ago

But I would add that even if a title does have legs it still sells faster early on, so it will take a long time for it to do well.

N4g_null3470d ago

Actually they did pretty good. After all the bad reviews they still did pretty good and on top of that I'm not seeing very many used copies popping up either. The online keeps getting more and more competition also.

For a game that every one says meh about it sold pretty damn good word of mouth works pretty slow these days. It just a matter of time before the right people get to try this game. I expect a sales surge right before grinder comes out.

witchking3470d ago

Let's face it: the Wii is not a hardcore console. I know publishers are clamoring like mad to get stuff on the Wii because of the install base, but most of the install base is interested in Wii Play. The Big N kept saying that this was good for the game industry, that all of these "casual" gamers would become real gamers and we'd see an uplift of the hardcore. But frankly with Mad World, Conduit and others sucking wind in the sales dept, you begin to question whether anyone is going to publish anything of note on the Wii... except of course for Nintendo itself.

I know we're not going to see publishers pull their support for the Wii like they did with the Gamecube, but I think it's becoming clear that we'll see fewer of the games "we" (N4G readers) like on the Wii.

As I've said a couple of times, I just don't consider the Wii to be part of this console race. They aren't competing with 360 and PS3. Of course with all this motion sensing nonsense it looks like MSFT and Sony want to compete with the Wii.


Alvadr3470d ago

Considering the Wiis install base its pritty poor im comparison.

ChickeyCantor3469d ago

Its funny how one can say : They should accept it.
There is research put into these things, they aren't going by their feelings. If it really is pointless they woulnd't even bother publish the game.

And saying Casual people only like wii-play(fact that it came with the controller) is hard load of sh/t, that statement contradicts the fact that the Killzones and the gears of wars are also[KEYWORD: ALSO] bought by "casual" gamers(saying its not show how ignorant you really are).

The term casual is not synonym to cute and family friendly stuff.
If that were true, the movie industry would have looked different.

This game did pretty well in such short time, reading the other posts inFamous only did a tad better but in a time span of a MONTH.

Hvs is on the right path =), good for them.

gaffyh3469d ago

@1.6 - infamous was released on last few days of May and managed to shift 178k so it did quite a bit better than Conduit. But it could get better sales in the long run, Uncharted 1 only 82k in its first week and went on to sell a lot more

ChickeyCantor3469d ago

"78k so it did quite a bit better than Conduit"
yes thats what im saying : A BIT BETTER.
So you can't say this is doing bad.

Mahr3469d ago

"The Big N kept saying that this was good for the game industry,"

It is good for the industry. Anything that keeps companies in business in this economy is a 'good' thing. Anything that makes money is, by definition, 'good' for the game industry.

"that all of these "casual" gamers would become real gamers and we'd see an uplift of the hardcore."

Well, that seems a little silly. I kind of doubt anyone -- neither the Nintendo executives nor the ones at Sony saying that the gamers Nintendo had would eventually graduate to a PS3 -- meant that there was going to be a 100% conversion rate of every single Wii-owner within all of two-years.

"But frankly with Mad World, Conduit and others sucking wind in the sales dept"

MadWorld's an essentially dead genre and as someone who bought The Conduit and doesn't think it's as good as say, Prime or the Wii port of World at War, I don't see much reason to be concerned if it sells less than either of them.

"Of course with all this motion sensing nonsense it looks like MSFT and Sony want to compete with the Wii."

And if they compete well enough, then Nintendo will have to compete with them in turn. That's the way competition works. There's nothing wrong with that.

gaffyh3469d ago

@1.8 - You can if you take into account the fact that the install base of the wii is a LOT higher than ps3

jadenkorri3469d ago

if you read this article
"SEGA stated last week that The Conduit saw “very strong week one sales.” But how has it performed according to the June NPD sales data? In the short time that the game was on the market, The Conduit sold 71,913 copies. Keep in mind that the title only had nine days of sales, as it released on June 23rd. This is a respectable start I suppose, but next month will probably provide a much better picture as to how just well The Conduit is really doing."

What freaking amazes me is the fact that 9 days of sales is commented... I would bet 1 trillion dollars if this was a ps3 title, the nine days would have been left out and saying how poor the game sold. This is what happens when true journalism is properly researched and written, this is by far way better to read compared to all the fanboyism crap that ends up on this site...

ChickeyCantor3469d ago

"You can if you take into account the fact that the install base of the wii is a LOT higher than ps3"

yes you can, cause for the same reason you can't say the Ps2 did sh/tty with all games due the fact it had an install base of 120million+?

Think about it, with an install base of 120 million you would expect hardcore games to sell atleast 10 million each.

Still holding on to the same argument?
Then explain yourself.

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SinnedNogara3470d ago

Good sales. Maybe later in the month we will start seeing definite sells.

Gr813470d ago

July will give us a better idea of how well its doing. But I can garauntee the anonymous editorials will start appearing to once again talk about how hardcore games can't sell on Wii, even though the same annonymous folks were giving the game 3/5's and 2/5's and even 1/5's. So apparently the game sucks but its the Wii's fault the game doesn't sell.

Meanwhile Bionic Commando which flopped hard didn't sell because the game was crap, it doesn't prove that games like that don't sell on PS360.

I'll put it this way, Call of Duty went platinum and that game opened at like 40k close to holiday season. If Conduit opens to this amount in an abreviated period during the dead of summer, then HVS has nothing to worry about..Plus the game is pretty kick ass.

EvilTwin3470d ago

I'm sure we'll also see the spin that this is a "failure" now because the game sold 70K instead of 100K in its first 9 days. People make up any barometer they want to trash a game. But it's at least fair to wait for the figures from a full month to roll in.

Honestly, we're not going to see the legs this game has until after the holiday season. NMH was initially a "failure," then went on to sell well enough to spawn a sequel.

pacowles3470d ago

I thought Bionic Commando was much better than the conduit (IMO). I think the Conduit's control customization is definitely worth mentioning, as the game plays very smoothly, it just isn't particularly fun. I don't personally see what all the fuss is about its graphics either, everything looks very sterile and generic (kinda like F.E.A.R). Maybe the visuals are technically proficient, but they still aren't pretty to look at. I thought Bionic Commando was extremely underrated and the Conduit was just OK. If Wii was the only console I had, I'd probably have a different perspective on this, but the Conduit doesn't offer anything we haven't see before (aside from the controls).

Gr813470d ago

Yeah, but don't say that too loud about NMH people still call that a flop, regardless of the facts surrounding the game, I mean we are getting a sequel in 7 months or so.

Pac: Actually, I've never played BC, I should have made that clear that I was mostly describing how flops on other systems are never blamed on the systems themselves and instead is said to be a bad or average game, but on Wii if a game fails its the systems fault, double standard is all.

This game will sell and every FPS title on the Wii that has gone platinum has a steady trajectory. Conduit will be no different, especially with the MP receiving the positive word of mouth it is.

Xander-RKoS3470d ago

New IP selling 71k in 9 days! Seriously, I don't think new IP usually sells like that.

RockmanII73470d ago

Isn't this supposed to be the definitive shooter for the Wii?

PirateThom3470d ago

inFamous did 175,900 in less than a week, on a much smaller install base.

qface643470d ago

im guessing he meant a new IP for the wii

Double Toasted3470d ago

Thats good for a PS3 game, and I'm not saying this to assume you are a Sony fanboy, but numbers shouldn't matter when it has anything to do with a PS3 game at least thats what Sony fanboys would have us to believe.

N4g_null3470d ago

BaseballFan15 it is to the people who play it but we all know how hard it is to get you guys to play games. To many it beats metroid.

PirateThom the Wii fan base does not work the same way. This game will have to make it over to some parties thus wii resorts will help the word get out a little more. I have tons of people coming over when that comes out and I have two wiis also so they will get to see their first lan party on the wii.

This is what made halo so big. Well any FPS for that matter. Plus it is way easier to sell a game on the other system simply because they have so many games that don't have replay value... people still play mario kart and other games on the wii every day.

Plus too there is a formula to selling an HD game and if you can get the fanboys to fight over it then you may have a hit. Since they basically buy the game to prove to them selves why they paid so much for their systems.

The Wii gamer is close what we want to be selling games to. People who bought a system to play a game. Then they become people who are exposed to other games. Eventually they find other games that interest them one way or the other.

Basically the console base is being reset. This works in the favor of new comers which is what the industry needs.

We will see how people feel about buying their 5th FPS online game this gen when MW2 comes out. I'm sure it will sell but I think people will be looking to try out what HVS has in store for the grinder.

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AEtherbane3470d ago

am i the only one that reads RUMOR? N4G needs to stop making all the rumors about the conduit presented as facts. here's another one - VZG charts said the conduit sold 160,000 in two weeks. and this isn't including 1st week Euro sales. this is grossly skewed and is only a rumor.

ShadowMantis3470d ago

Ok,um N4G is a website not TV media so if they want to post rumors,THEY CAN.Second,Conduit doesn't seem very entertaining,the console its on is more for little kids,so a shooter like this shouldn't be on it.

N4g_null3470d ago

ShadowMantis looks are deceiving. Many true hardcore FPS fans are loving this game simply because it does what other FPS doesn't let you aim and play like a real FPS game. The HD systems are more for kids when you think about it... stories filled with gore for no reason in most cases and a bunch of quick time events. Yet the Wii appeals to more adults and real hardcore gamers because of the challenge.

Another thing is that whole gaming is not for kids is going to haunt you guys though. Many gamers are big kids and some of you will be leaving gaming while the younger gamers will look down on your favorite system as time goes on. HD gamers are not commented to actually buying games. It is way easier to fan boi fight online.

Your only hope next gen is if nintendo does not go HD. You have no real 1st party games that sell systems. On top of that the wii line up is looking more interesting than the HD one for a number of reasons. I'm expecting a few more HD devs to go under if the recession does not ease up. Also fanboys are very forgetful... Once our game drop they will jump on board because none of you are true fanboys.... more like fair weather fans.

knox3470d ago

vgchartz and npd are completely different

wquach3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )


Wii fanboy much? I really don't see how your insults of the other HD systems/gamers has anything to do with the article. And frankly your total defense of the Wii/The Conduit is unnecessary. Between your assumptions of HD system gamers and your defensive points, half the time I don't understand what you're saying (ie your runon sentences and incomplete thoughts).

On topic, imo like others said the initial sales aren't bad considering its mixed reviews, the actual population of 'hardcore'/fps Wii gamers, and the fact that a full month's worth of sales hasn't been reported yet.

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