J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Blu-ray Goes High Tech

The packaging has been designed with a new interactive feature called "augmented reality." In layman terms, a hologram is embedded on the cover that when held up to a standard or PS3 Eye web cam will grant access to five U.S.S. Enterprise cabins and the ability to shoot at invaders along the way...

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thereapersson3473d ago

That is the coolest thing I've ever heard of being done with a movie disc. I'll have to buy this on Blu-Ray to check it out/

darthv723473d ago

I am sure it will have some type of disclaimer on the package to reflect that. Those who get it for their samsung bd players are SOL. I like the idea. Sony should look at this with more intent to pursue.

I have seen digital copies available but they require a PC. At least the movies I have state PC required. If sony were to make the digital copy available to DL to Ipod or PSP or even the Zune via USB to the bd player would be great. More and more regular blu players are equiped with usb ports now.

Maybe this will work with any usb cam if they wanted to not segment the viewing audience. still...does this movie have what it takes to move bd hardware? Maybe if there wasnt a dvd version for a month later....?

rockleex3472d ago

Meaning you can use any web cam.

Nelson M3473d ago

Good Film
Looks like its gonna be a great addition to my Blu Ray Collection

Nineball21123473d ago

Nelson? That was a calm, positive, rational comment.

What's up with that?

rmedtx8883473d ago

I will definitely buy the this one on Blu-ray.

himdeel3473d ago

...and then giggle like giddy school girl to have the Enterprise's in the palm of my hand.

SIX3473d ago

Continually supporting the PS3 format from all fronts in creative ways. They need to hammer home that when you buy a PS3 you get not only a great gaming system, but you also get a premium entertainment system that is widely supported.

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The story is too old to be commented.