The Top 7 iPhone Games You Need To Play

Koku Gamer writes: "Sorting through the 6,000+ games in the iTunes App store one by one is a tedious and frustrating process. With literally every single genre of game represented, lite or full versions offered and thousands of copycat titles, who has the time to play them all? Well, not me. I actually have a life. I have played a lot of the games in the App store, though and lucky for you I've made a list. These games are the cream of the crop, according to yours truly. Here is my "Top 7 iPhone Games You Need To Play."

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DeadlyDevil3472d ago

Well, they look very fine

Icemael3472d ago

Some of these look pretty good. I don't have an iPhone though...

Fullish3472d ago

I dig it is my current fav :D

Elven63472d ago

Touchmaster is one of my favorite puzzle titles on the iPhone :)

Ziriux3472d ago

Like to a crackhead to me Peggle is just as addicting.

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The story is too old to be commented.