Blunders Of The Gaming Age: Final Fantasy VIII

A regular column at Go Gaming Giant that looks at blunders of gaming. This issue looks at Final Fantasy VIII

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qface643473d ago

in my opinion FF8 is sooo underated

hay3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

IMO, fail article.
FF8 isn't my fav but it's really good game. Draw/Junction system is cool addon, I like the way it was implemented. Story was ok, nothing special, but good enough not to bore player to death.
I think this guy just didn't understood the game. I heard tons of complains about junction being too difficult, but some won't admit and call it dull. Story goes in some places on artistic/dramatic level, some will love it, some will say it's boring.
I also think the author didn't get the cultural differences and mistranslation in-game. Chicken-wuss? Ever tried to call lame names on people? Last time I heard it doesn't make you lame if you're making fun of someone.
Emo attitude? It wasn't that mainstream in late 90s so nobody complained at the time except that he was acting like an idiot sometimes.
Gunblade stupidest? I've seen several articles about coolest weapons in games, gunblade was quite high.
TripleTriad was fun addon, maybe not for everyone but definetly it's good mini-game addon. Ever thought how many jRPG games have complex addon like that? Again, I think he didn't get the rules good enough to win matches.
FF8 isn't blunder at all. It isn't game for everyone but it's definetly a good jRPG.

Summing up all that he said and what've been said by experienced jRPG players and reviewers with IQ over 95, and along with that year of the birth in XX century, conclusion is clear: He's an idiot.