EEDAR believes GTA V won't hit until fiscal 2011

Recently, gaming's Nostradamus, Michael Pachter, confirmed that Rockstar North was working on Grand Theft Auto V. In the same statement, Pachter said that he expected GTA V to drop at some point in 2010 or at the latest, 2011. Interesting. Destructoid decided to reach out and see what another analyst thought. Enter EEDAR's director of analyst services.

Analyst director Jesse Divnich agrees that GTA V is happening, however, Divnich isn't exactly buying Pachter's timeline. According to Divnich, Take-Two's 2010 portfolio is off the chain, and if the Agent drops in the same year, GTA V could "cannibalize" sales of the new IP. So, even if GTA V was completed before October 31, 2010, he believes Take-Two would be shooting itself in the foot by releasing it in 2010.

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