June 2009 NPD Analysis: Sony's Problem Installed Base, Not Loyalty

If June 2009's NPD data tells us anything, it tells us this: PlayStation 3's software sales problem isn't a matter of penetration or loyalty, it's a matter of installed base.

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Natsu X FairyTail3470d ago

Sony's problem is

They're not ALONE anymore.

Things have changed.

Wii and X360 are Great competitors to the Sony brand that's why it's losing and still in last place.

lets be real now people. Theres nothing that can be spinned here.

NS3470d ago

You really do love the sound of your voce don't you.

KionicWarlord2223470d ago

His voice sounds manly,....


coolirisGB3470d ago

Sony's problem is they're getting out competed with new school tactics.

Stryfeno23470d ago

Agreed...It looks like they are clueless on that fact.

MetalGearBear 3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

u see u still not let go on NPD.
u should hump a lot on NPD.

PS3 not count on last place, because Xbox360 and Wii is released in 2005. PS3 is released in 2006. PS3 sell 23 million, it solid sold.
If PS3 released in 2005, PS3 will won. i know Sony do bad move.
but........ PS3 slim and price cut will come soon. no worry.

i hope PS4 and Xbox720 release same date on both. IT FATE!!!!

Major_Tom3470d ago

Looks like people don't know what their talking about but like to pretend they do. As shown above.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3470d ago

Major_Tom sounds like you been defeated, go cry in a closet.

Major_Tom3470d ago

Defeated...? How did I get defeated about an imaginary argument in an imaginary console war?

Lol Jason 360, says everything about you, in your name.

Ignored by: 249 users

TheDeadMetalhead3470d ago

360: 19 million
PS3: 23 million


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mrblacknut3470d ago

I have been saying this for a long time. The install base has been their issue. It is almost 3 years and their own exclusives don't sale as well in comparision to the way the 360's exclusives have sold. That has to do with trying to focus only on new IP's and the focus on Blu-Ray itself. Consumers are still using the PS3 for only a Blu-Ray movie player instead of getting into the games that they never cared about in the first place. Completly different this go around.

StanLee3470d ago

Bullshit. The install base cannot continue to be used as an excuse. There are 10 million PS3 owners in the US and less that 400K have bought Infamous since release? That's 4%. That's ridiculous. How about we just start buying the games rather than posting on video game forums.

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Lifendz3470d ago

I mean how else can you explain the sales numbers? The install base is rather substantial, but sales continue to be significantly lower for PS3 games with only the occasional exception.

Seraphemz3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

So what do you have to say about the 360... 16 million and only 400k bought Prototype....

It is all about install base. As GTA showed, even though there were almost double 360 vs PS3s they sold almost the same.

360 should have had 50% more than PS3 in sales but didnt...

Ask yourself that...

@dirt - the fact is that you opinion doesnt really matter any more than mine. Its just preference. I loved MGS4 you didnt. I love the PS3 control you like the 360. I hate Halo you might like it.

We are 2 people with different likes and dislikes.

What matters to companies are the masses... thats what it comes down to in the end.

Our opinions are just that..opinions. Not facts.

zenosaga043470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Or you could look at the fact that PS3 has a host of exclusives that compete with these mulitplatform games, and lets be honest most of the sony published exclusives destroy their multiplatform counterparts.

I mean I'd choose Infamous of Prototype anyday and looks like most playstation owners felt the same way

3470d ago
dantesparda3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Its saying that they are selling on par basically. You fanboys all love to jump to your biased conclusions real quick. Learn to read and comprehend first

ZombieNinjaPanda3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )


It has nothing to do with mediocre games.

We're in a recession people. People aren't impulse buying, they're not buying games from word of mouth, or from seeing trailers. They're buying stuff they know will entertain them for long amounts of time. Which is why Call of Duty games sell like hot cakes. (Lame analogy).

Either way, I know I"m not speaking for all ps3 owners/360 owners, but I know I am speaking for a lot of them when I say this.

I myself didn't get Infamous. Why? No not because it's a bad game, because I just didn't have 60$ to spend on a single player only game that will give me entertainment for perhaps a month, then I may never play again unless I'm bored.

That's how things work this generation. If it doesn't have online multiplayer, it better be a damn good game to get.

Edit; As stated above, GTAIV is a perfect example. GTA is a well established game and franchise, many people bought the older GTA's last gen, so of course a lot more of that are going to sell than a new Ip such as inFamous

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jetlian3470d ago

the 360 version of prototype did sell 50 % more than the ps3 420,000 to 180,000

badz1493470d ago

Sony, even with all the exclusive titles, all of you seems to forget that most of them are new IPs which too may people out there are not familiar with! the truth is, most people buy established franchises more than anything else and they buy games by names, thus movie tie-in games still sell a lot! Prototype is also another new IP but just over 500k sold to 20mil+ user base (360+PS3) is nothing to brag about after being hyped so much! people are bashing inFAMOUS for only selling 368,600 in a month+ but what about opening their eyes wider and look at RF:G - even on 360 it's not selling that many!

how about if we go back a year and does everybody forgot about this? - Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) - 774.6K (not including hardware bundled copies)*!

or go a little bit back before that -
1. GTA IV (X360) – 1.85 million
2. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) – 1.12 million
3. GTA IV (PS3) – 1.00 million*

need I say more? Sony's strategy focusing on exclusives is serving the needs of their hardcore and loyal fanbase but can not yet penetrate the others! but it's good start for developing more and more great franchise and somebody will need to start somewhere and props to Sony for trying! I'll keep supporting them buy buying all exclusive I can get and may these new franchises be HUGE later down the road!

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freeblue3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

and currently i only have fallout 3, and killzone 2. want to know why i don't buy any ps3 games? how about release the f ing games that I buy this system for. I'm still waiting for a true Japanese RPG. where are they? how many more sport games and shooter games Sony has to released before they listen to the fans and release a real JRPG, and NOT some western hybreds. where is Wild Arms? Where is Suikoden?

3470d ago
Josh3603470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Well, I also have a PS3 and I have 30+ games, and I love everyone of those game though..

How about try asomething new freeblue? believe me, you'd be surprised.. or how do you think games like your beloved Suikoden start? like a established franchise? No, they all start like a new IP that nobody knows and came out of nowhere..

Also, are you still waiting for a JRPG to come to the PS3? Well, why don't give it a try to Valkyria Chronicles? a true strategy JRPG acclaimed by the critic, the PS3 also have Disgaea 3, an old school turn-based JRPG.. Cross Edge? Folklore? they're also excellent JRPG..

onanie3470d ago

Those are nice recommendations, josh.

3470d ago
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Cerberus_Hunter3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

bubbles to you. finally someone thinking before posting.

and since when was summer great for video games? last year was great though(GTA4 and MGS4).

ChozenWoan3470d ago

Obviously no one took a look at Fight Night 4 and wondered why both systems are selling nearly the same number. Should be a 3:2 split in favor of the 360.

Ohh well, me and my 2 cents are going shoping for some common sense.. later.

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heroicjanitor3469d ago

There are less than 8 million, not 10 million. The real reason it isn't selling as much is marketing. Every year or so Microsoft releases a game and hypes it to fuk as the next big thing, and the 360 owners get a mentality where they all have to own the game day one. I don't know how they do it but it only happens with microsoft exclusive games.

Saigon3469d ago

you make a great did EXCLUSIVEGAMER...

Sony games has always took a while to sell...look at Uncharted and R&C:FtoD...both these games did not have stellar debuts but they eventually sold well over time because of Word-of-Mouth...also it allowed Uncharted to gain great this is a stellar franchise...and Uncharted 2 is te game to get this fall...Sony has always done this trend with new IP's and this goes back to the PSOne days...

the other thing that you have to also consider is that most people forget that NPD numbers only go for ONE region it does not count for the rest of the world...the numbers might be a different if you consider the Rest of World...

Montrealien3469d ago

At the end of the day, it seems that maybe 200 or so people actually care enough about this crap to actually comment on it in various comment sections around the web, and millions of gamers don`t care at all. What is that? 0.0000012% of the gaming market care about sales and and penetration (I`m guessing the penetration part is because they don`t penetrate much) and the other 99%+ just play games they like on the consoles they have.

The most important thing is that our market can support so many home consoles and ways to play games, that way, we all win.

ravinash3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

You know, I've got a PS3 and play games on it...but I didn't get infamous. Thing is there is a wide selection of games, so sometimes there are games out there that are good, but I don't want to get it.
I've got plenty of games to play right now.

The reason I think the sales are going down at the moment for PS3 is because a lot of people keep saying there is going to be a price drop.
Of course Sony have never said this, its just the media, the people who want it and those who only care about their own game sales.

No one goes out and buys something when they think the price is about to go down.

djevolve4203469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )



@DEATH, xbox seems to not be affected. maybe sony should have not forced playstation to push the blue ray, sony would be ahead, but they made all the wrong marketing decisions.

Playstation needs to break from sony. f sony.

torontoml3469d ago

Ok for comparisons sake, because I don't know the actual number of Prototype sold on PS3 I'll say 180,000.

With only Prototype available on the 360 it sold 420k

Adding both Prototype and Infamous on PS3 you have 550k where Infamous takes up 370k.

I would guess that if you take away the people that bought both, the numbers would be pretty much the same if not in favor of Infamous.

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MGOelite3470d ago

i fuking hate sites like these there making it sound like the US is the only country what buys consoles on the entire planet ffs, look at the EU sales and asias sales

MGOelite3470d ago

what you think im wrong? just cause the ps3 is leading in europe and asia so you pretend they dont exist, ignorance is bliss eh?

zenosaga043470d ago

MGO you should know you can't use logic in sony hate threads.

what's wrong with you

Arnon3470d ago

You do realize that the 360 is actually leading in Europe and I think Australia as well. PS3 just... has Japan.

Gamer_Politics3469d ago

Lols the 360 is ahead in Europe aswell the only place ps3 has is japan and its doing poorly out there along with all consoles

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