A little more than a week ago gaming blog Killzone Unit asked their readers to list some questions that they'd like to ask Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

Dave Karraker of SCEA was kind enough to answer some of those burning questions about PlayStation products. KZU asked about rumble, the PlayStation Network and the future of the PSP. Read on for the answers!

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Mezcal4198d ago

Can't wait for info on Killzone come E3.

Clinton5144198d ago

Too bad it isn't in May anymore, but it's for the best. :) July can't come soon enough.

Rybnik4197d ago

Thanks for the tip :)
BTW Clinton: Any chance your website may have anything KZ related before E3?

DaTrooF4198d ago

that game look sick.cant wait for e3.i hope they announce the new eyetoy,announce a huge update that will make us gamers feel more at
ease with the system,some info on many forgoten games(eyedentify,eye of judgement and so on)along with previews of never before seen games.

maybe i'm asking for a little too much.
a brother can dream though:)

hulk_bash19874198d ago

I have a feeling that PS3 owners (myself inluded) will be very happy come this July.

Longhornbevo4198d ago

SOE is supposed to have an event in May where they are announcing their games of the Future. I am interested in this because many think they will be officially announcing their Spy MMO...

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The story is too old to be commented.