NPD: Industry Year-Over-Year Declines Widen To 31%

Following a difficult May which saw the video game industry's monthly revenues drop 23 percent year-over-year, new NPD data for the month of June shows an even greater decline over last year's June revenues, with U.S. console retail hardware and game revenues falling 31 percent to $1.17 billion.

Monthly year-over-year comparisons have been worsening in recent months; although overall 2009 to date is only down 12 percent from this same time in 2008, monthly declines have been increasingly worse than that average.

According to NPD analyst Anita Frazier, "this month saw the greatest year-over-year monthly decline since September 2000, when the industry declined 41 percent."

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KionicWarlord2223473d ago

Hardware sales in units for each platform during June 2009 were as follows:

Nintendo DS/DSi: 766.5K
Wii: 361.7K
Xbox 360: 240.6K
PlayStation 3: 164.7K
PSP: 163.5K
PlayStation 2: 152.7K

All platforms declined from June 2008, with the exception of Xbox 360.


KionicWarlord2223473d ago

I dont think Xbox 360 owner`s can think bout that...


thereapersson3473d ago

It's been going on a LONG time, and reaches more gamers than people think -- even outside of the internet. I think the general public is quite unaware of the nuances of each offering from the competition. They just know what they know, and that's that the 360 is in the consumer spotlight at the moment. It's all about advertising, marketing, and making your product seem more advantageous to the consumer despite doing not much more than that what has come before it.