X-Play: MAG Preview

Morgan Webb takes a look at Sony's new online strategy-shooter MAG. A PlayStation 3 exclusive, learn about the game's storyline and mechanics, including how the game can accomodate 256 unique players in one session.

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zok3103475d ago

Sony put this on the PSN Store at launch, aside from that mag WILL BE AWESOME!!!!

paskowitz3475d ago

X-Play brings up a fair point, how in the world is Zipper going to make the matchmaking work in this game? Not saying its impossible but I am sure it will be a challenge. A good preview overall. X-play has really improved over the years.

thereapersson3475d ago

Once they realized the PS3 is actually a viable console, they toned down their 360 fanboyism a bit. It still shows through from time to time, but at least they've been giving it some of the credit it deserves.

thereapersson3475d ago

I can't believe the scope of it. It's larger than any battlefield game, and pretty much crushes the size of any first person game ever made.

Here's hoping the gameplay can match up, because i'm sure at this size it will be easy to become disjointed and confusing.

SIX3475d ago

....but why so much clutter on screen? It really makes the graphics look less impressive IMO.

Avenged Sevenfold3475d ago

Yea I noticed that too. Way too much HUD. Other than that, looks promising.

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