Why Video Game Hardware Sales Don't Matter

Associated Content: "North America has the NPD, Japan has Media Create and the United Kingdom has the GfK. These specialized charts measured the sales volume for video game hardware sales.

While these public charts are good for examining the latest trends of the industry, they are not a good measuring stick for the overall health of the gaming industry."

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La Chance3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Bah smells like damage control.

kewlkat0073474d ago

Hardware sales matter now, just as they did when Sony was enjoying 100 million sales of it's past 2 consoles. With the great 3rd-party titles, we have come to love, that paved the way for DOMINATION.

Just as Software sales matter if you have a great franchise and wanna continue to see SEQUELS.

Now, numbers matter more to Investors and Shareholders, obviously but it's simple. Since there is a market-share is direct correlation with hardware-sales.

-The more market-share, you have the more potential to sell more software.

-The more market-share, the more attractive you be come to developers.

-The more market-share, obviously, the more money you make, the more flexible you can be with your price-point.

Whether your up or down(any console maker), the numbers still matter in many ways. Now, you don't have to care about them and you just just enjoy the games but don't expect sequels to your favorite game when it only sells 200k copies total.

Sonyslave33474d ago

Droids already on damages control

Major_Tom3474d ago

Oh wow, the NPD crew is quick on this one. Play any video games lately? That's what I thought.

-MD-3474d ago

Playing Red Faction atm it's pretty good I'm really impressed with the depth of destruction. Have 9 more games coming through gamefly too. What about you?

ShinMaster3474d ago

Was a fun demo. Then you rent it and realize it gets boring as you go.

A believe he meant non-multiplat games.

Natsu X FairyTail3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Sales matter though!

without sales you would not know if The Wii is Still in 1st place and Xbox in 2nd and PS3 in 3rd place in the Console war.

life doomer3474d ago

But, if you are a true gamer it doesn't matter. What really does matter are the games. So, this goes to show that if someone rely's on sales, they're not a true gamer .

WildArmed3473d ago

exactly. sales dont tell you how reliable a console is ..360
sales dont tell you which consoles have great games ..wii
sales dont tell you what console came out late .. ps3/wii
sales dont mean squat.

Its the time you have with the console/games that mean something. I love being a mutli-console owner. each console makes me proud.. except when its repairing time -.- *im looking at you my 4th 360*

redsnake3474d ago

the thing about this article is that it is factual and not fanboyish therefore has no place in the console war. because ppl will be saying things like droids on damage control and things like that when the fact is everything in the article is a manner of fact. alos it is very true that a real games will care about the games and not the sales at all because the are all selling more than well enough to warrant continued support

Gr813474d ago

Sounds more like a plea or wishful thinking as far as I'm concerned. Trying to convince himself that the gaming industry is just singing cumbuyah.

Sales DO matter, it shows the consumer interest and buying habits.

EvilTwin3474d ago

Indeed. Ask Sega if hardware sales mattered for the Saturn and Dreamcast.

And go find the guys from Clover studios and ask if software sales matter, too.

Quality matters to us gamers.
But if quality doesn't sell (and often it doesn't; Okami got a major release TWICE, and I don't think it's combined for half a million sales across the PS2 and Wii), console makers, software developers and publishers aren't going to take losses just for kicks.

Gr813474d ago

The worst part is when the guy tries to convince himself that because the 360 and PS3 were sold for a loss, they don't want to sell as much hardware as What kind of backwards logic is that? Wouldn't they want to sell as much hardware as possible in order to sell as much software as possible? maybe I'm missing something, lol.

And you are absolutlely right, no matter what form of entertainment sometimes very good singers, writers, actors, games, movies just get overlooked as is the case of an Okami, but great games often also get great sales too, but quality is subjective, sales aren't.

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