Should Developers Get A Cut Of Used Game Sales?

Gamer Limit writes "There is a small amount of consistent debate around used game sales, and the idea that it's one of the reasons developers are losing money. Almost every industry, from cars, to furniture, to books, all have second-hand markets. You don't have to be an economist or some kind of market analyst to realise this is a completely ridiculous statement."

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chrisjc3476d ago

Heh. It's such a slippery slope. Everyone wants 'dem benjamins!

gamesR4fun3476d ago

nothing complicated jus no
they made their money when sum poor chump put 70 cnd on the table for their product to begin with.

lsujester3476d ago

I'd rather the developers get the money than the rip-off that is Gamestop.

PinkUni3476d ago

that defeats the purpose of buying a used game

the whole reason is to buy it cheaper, if you give them money its going to cost more the then the new ones

what shouldn't be happening is gamestop shouldn't be buying them from people so cheap. they buy um for 5 bucks sell them for 40 used

Guitarded3476d ago

They will never get a cut and they know it. That is why they are trying things like maps that can only be used by the original purchaser of the game(Gears of War 2). In fact they have already killed the "pre owned" PC game with access/unlock/whatever they are called codes. That is also why they are pushing digital downloadable games. If they succeed it will mean I have to wait longer to buy most games because I rarely buy games new at full price. I will wait until the price drops considerably. How inconvenient.

Tarasque3476d ago

Well first off it is a used game then it means it had already been purchased. But if they want to do it with games then they need to do it with everything, movies, Cd's etc. And with the so called overpriced DLC it is absurd. They hold off on a few maps then couple months later release them and make millions pretty much all profit.

JsonHenry3476d ago

That is like saying "Should Ford Motor Co. get a cut of every used Ford car sold?"

And of course, the answer to that has been "HELL NO!!" for over a hundred years.

Cenobia3476d ago

Retailers should pay in some way. It could be some kind of fee to sell used games from certain publishers, like a percentage of the profit. This wouldn't really raise prices for the consumer, since the games would have to be cheaper than the new ones anyway. Gamestop would just have to cut their profits a little.

Consumers would never even feel the impact of something like that. Do you really think Gamestop would pay people even less? They could try. I'm surprised people sell for those prices anyway. You might as well rent.

And for people giving the car analogy: Don't certified dealers kick back money to the company who's cars they sell? I honestly don't know, but I assume they must. You can't be certified without paying money can you? If that's the case then they're basically doing the same thing, except they pay to resell.

Kassanova073476d ago

I don't support Gamestops.

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syvergy3476d ago

It's a bit sad how devs are becoming so greedy.

qface643476d ago

you seriously did not just say that?

Fullish3476d ago

oh, he did just say that.

Tarasque3476d ago

Ohhh yes he did *snaps fingers*

ChrisGTR13476d ago

yea, and ford wants a cut from you selling your truck to someone also.

adsaidler3476d ago

haha xD couldn't agrre more :)
btw, talkin about the article, stupid idea imo

Boody-Bandit3476d ago

They are already making money on DLC that could have easily been included with the game and some are even charging for content that is already on the disc. Why not pay them 2,3,4,5,6, etc times every time their games get recycled? /s

Lumbo3476d ago

short answer: no

long answer:

Once you sold it, you have no claim whatsoever over it. If the customer decides to resell it to someone else, its HIS decision, and you have no claim whatsoever. Though the unethical practice of Gamestop, as in taking the added sales generated by the free advertising by the distributors who pay for ALL the ads in magazines, tv and the internet and then aggressively promoting "preowned" over new while charging only $5 less for a "preowned" copy while paying only nickels for these to the pre-owners.

In fact Gamespot runs an expensive RENTAL system, not a retail system. They LEND you the game for $60 and when you bring it back to them they only give you $15-$20 for it and instantly re-rent it to another fool for $55 instantly generating $35-$40 earnings for no work at all.

So distributors should simply require a rental license to be signed by Gamespot and voila, all problems solved.

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