June NPD: 1st half 2009 review

Earlier today the NPD sales numbers for June 2009 were released. NPD charts the software and hardware video game sales each month for the United States, arguably the largest market in gaming. The release of June's numbers marks the half way mark in 2009 calendar year so let's take a look at the first half of the year compared with last years numbers in terms of hardware sales.

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N4GAddict3472d ago

Price drop did wonders.

Command Shephard3472d ago

More like absolutely fantastic lineup of games did wonders.

Go Xbox 360 and DS. The best gaming systems in the market are doing good!

TheDeadMetalhead3472d ago

The pricecut helped the 360 a lot, but won't the exact same thing happen when the PS3 finally gets one?

raztad3472d ago


Are you being seriuos? Do you really think are PS3 price cut wont help PS3 sales?

If so you are really funny. Last year x360 was outsold by the PS3 almost the whole year (after a 100$ price cut) and by June was released MGS4 making the gap even bigger. Look at the recent NPD comparison for June. MS desperately cut the arcade price down to 200$, the cheapest console in the market.

GT5 + slim ps3 + price cut will be earth shattering. Mark my words, and dont forget USA is not the world (not by a long shot).

Natsu X FairyTail3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

@ bob marley

what Im saying is

with a price cut for the PS3 , Xbox 360 will still Sell more.

thats it.

Im Not saying in anyway that PS3 wont sell better than it's doing at the momment.

Anyways Im going to pop bottles over this!!!

I'll Lift a drink for you!

onanie3472d ago

netsu, care to explain why "with a price cut for the PS3 , Xbox 360 will still Sell more"?

"thats it" is not an explanation.

3472d ago
3472d ago
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To think that a price cut wouldn't at all affect PS3 sales.
Deadmetalhead presented a logical,likely question and is in turn slammed with disagree's.Oddly enough,not one sensible response clarifying why he might be wrong.
I agree,it isn't rocket surgery.

onanie3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

It's all about driving perception (and I'm not sure what is driving that in the first place, but likely a kind of fervour), in spite of reality.

if only I could use "that's it" to prove everything I say. :)


I couldn't agree more.It's easy to dismiss something but difficult to explain why.'Thats it' will have to suffice in this case LOL.=)