Multi-Core Gurus Land $10m in Funding

Software development platform provider RapidMind announced it has landed $10 million of venture capital funding to help increase support for multi-core processors such as the PS3's Cell.

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marison4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

I hope that sooner than later we can got some goodness from this (in the Playstation 3 optimized games form)!

ITR4198d ago

PC and Mac's use them every day.

I know most apple software can use all cores.

This almost sounds like they want to make a Cell PC or something along those lines.

WilliamRLBaker4198d ago

Let alone the fact that the cell is not multi-cored but single cored with spe's....I think devs need to work more on geting use out of Mutlicored pc processors....

tplarkin74198d ago

The Cell only has 1 core (PPE) and 8 SPEs. The 360 CPU has 3 cores with hyper-threading. That's all I know about technology.

CellShock4198d ago

There are differences between the Xbox360 and PS3 processors, but they both require parallel programming to bring out the maximum processing power of both. Breaking a task into smaller parallel tasks requires rearranging the data structures and with consideration for timing and memory issues. Moving from single task to multiple tasks programming just requires a different thinking to solve problems.

But with the Cell processor, the SPEs scream through the tasks, like little girls in a haunted-house.

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