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TGS writes: "So is The Conduit the saviour of Wii first person shooters? No, but its efforts are at times valiant and unlike anything any other developer on the Wii has even attempted to tackle. It's hard to forgive the let downs that plague The Conduit's single player campaign but you have to congratulate what High Voltage have accomplished with what is one of the most absorbing multiplayer experiences available on Wii. Personally we'd hoped both elements of The Conduit to have been exceptional; if you can settle for a decent single player campaign and excellent multiplayer then The Conduit should be pleasing."

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Elven63473d ago

This seems like something I would like for the Wii, hope it sells well to encourage similar titles that take advantage of the system.

raiden_933473d ago

I don't know how well it's going to sell in the long run but early sales have been good apparently. Better than Madworld.

Ziriux3473d ago

I agree. As far as to the other guys comment, no way I enjoyed Madworld.

raiden_933473d ago

Sorry, I didn't mean it was better than Madworld, I mean't it will probably sell better than Madworld. I am yet to play Madworld but I will get around to it soon.

Ziriux3473d ago

Ahh man. Loved the game, there could have been much more if they let the game come out on the PS3 and Xbox 360, I love it's concept so much, I think it could have Halo potential on the Xbox 360.

raiden_933473d ago

I personally don't think it would have flourished well on other platforms. It's quite well suited to the Wii, probably because there isn't much else like it on the system where as the PS3 and 360 already have plenty of these types of games.

Elven63473d ago

It would have bombed worse on the other consoles, The Conduit is really only a good experience on the Wii because it "pushes the envelope". On other consoles the same experience will seem primitive, last gen or even further back!

EvilTwin3473d ago

It could've had better graphics and larger environments, but that's really about it. Another sci-fi FPS would've gotten lost in the shuffle on the PS3/360.

Plus, you wouldn't have had the ridiculously good controls on the other consoles. This game has set a new standard for speed, accuracy and customization on a console FPS. It's the full realization of the Wii remote's potential in this genre.

I hope they sell enough to make a sequel. The last few levels in the single player actually ramped up quite well (more action, more difficulty, not as linear).

raiden_933473d ago

It might be enough of a classic to be sequel worthy. The ending leaves the story very open.

N4g_null3473d ago

Design wise it got the controls right the maps are ok they get the job done but the funny thing is could could have made way more maps.

Another thing is this game uses no BSP culling at all. Every thing is draw at the same time. Since this is the case once they get that working you may have a crazy sweet game on your hands here.

In it's current form it is one of the first games to make good on the motion control promise. Every thing works in this game and some of the later levels start to look pretty good. It would have been nice to get some of that art in the MP though.

I think this was a good first by them. I like their mentality of getting the game play right and then getting the wow right later own... You need your game to be addictive first. If you have spent time with this game then you know what I mean.

The only thing I would tell HVS as a whole to do next time is to make the beginning as over the top as you can or use shock value to wow the story gamers then make a good game like the conduit and we will all be happy.

HVS and sega will be fine... These are good sales wii gamers are pretty picky.

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