Rumor: New Saints Row For PSP?

The PSP has been getting a lot of games lately, and to compete with the upcoming port of GTA: Chinatown Wars (released on DS this April) there may be another sandbox game in the way. According to the Swedish prog-metal band Opeth posted in music site Blabbermouth, they'll be providing their track "The Lotus Eater" for an upcoming Saints Row for the PSP, set to be released around March 2010

"We may not like playing video games all that much, but we do like it when our music is featured on them! Makes us a bit proud, even when it's a game as big as Saints Row for the PSP and even prouder when the nice developer people show excellent taste by picking 'The Lotus Eater' for it. So if you love playing video games, the game is expected to hit the streets around March 2010."

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doctorstrange3478d ago

I can see THQ thinking rockstar may have gone DS exclusive when Chinatown Wars was still only for the handheld, and believing that there was a good opening for a crime sandbox game.

Blaze9293478d ago

aw man, I'd LOVE a Saints Row on the long as it isnt just a port. I loved Saint Row 1 and 2 alot and with 2 is was just an amazing time playing it in co-op from beginning to end with my friend.

Gimme Infrastructure mode (a feature no one seems to care about anymore -_-) and co-op and I'll definitely buy this...if true.

Cant' wait for China Town Wars either.

Pintheshadows3478d ago

Sweet. I'd buy it over Chinatown anyday.

Rob0g0rilla3478d ago

It would be a day one purchase for me if it's done right.

Cajun Chicken3478d ago

I was thinking the other day about the possibility of this happening...

Nitrowolf23478d ago

sweet, i be honest i really didnt care but for the psp, that something else

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