Infamous wins out in the super hero battle

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

After months of the media pitting the super hero action titles InFamous and Prototype against each other, we finally have an accurate bench mark to gauge their popularity, courtesy the NPD sales group - and it looks like the crown goes to the electric shooting Cole MacGrath.

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shadowfox3475d ago

PS3 owners sure as hell chose the right game. I'm really surprised though. Could the PS3 have its first word of mouth game?

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gauntletpython3475d ago

u gotta remember tho, there are more than double the amount of 360s than PS3s in the US... like 18 million to 8 million.

ultimolu3475d ago

Too bad sales don't dictate the greatness of a game.

NS3475d ago

ultimolu WTF are you talking about?. Off course it is. Thats why Wii Sports is the greatest game ever and forever and ever.

Commad whatever Prototype is crap. sell a billion its still crap. Sell a trillion is still crap. Get it?.

Sarevok3475d ago

Shephard you seem really butt hurt over sales.
I wish us gamers did not fight over this ps3 vs 360 vs wii crap!
what ever happen to just talking about games? no...every topic has to be a flame war.

-EvoAnubis-3475d ago

I find it funny as hell that these trolls love making comparisons of sales to how good a game is, and then instantly vanish when anyone brings up crappy Wii games that sell like hotcakes covered in crack. It's like Troll-B-Gone, I swear it. They know they can't counter a logical argument, so off they go.

gamesR4fun3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

and infamouse is no doubt better tho prototype was fun i traded it after i finished it for red faction (no regret rf2 is also way better) Ill prob try n get all the trophies on infamouse los my good save n hafta do another play to get all teh powers maxed n find all teh shards.

sack_boi3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Too bad your opinions don't dictate the greatness of a game.

OmarJA3475d ago

@ Command Shephard:

Another account loser ?

@ sack_boi:

Too bad your not anything better yourself.

Sarcasm3475d ago



"WiiFit Sales, My anti-troll"

RyuStrife3475d ago

ahah! Wii sports is definitely the best game ever. That's why some 40 million people bought it. /sarcasm

Sales only matter to the developers/publishers. But I guess it's good for one other thing too, Bragging Rights! HAHA!

Carl14123475d ago

Agreed. Prototype got boring FAST. InFAMOUS held my attention for 3 playthroughs. Prototype is boring me and i'm about 4 hours in.

Greywulf3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Sales are good for people who own stock in company. Sales don't make games higher rated, or better quality technology.

Can't play sales, you can play prototype2 though when it comes out next week with horse armor, re-textured models in the same engine & a $60.00 pricetag. And im sure it will have sold better than Infamous2 as well.

Sales are important for to franchises for sequels like: Killzone2, Motorstorm1 & Motorstorm2-MotorstormPSP, Uncharted 1 & 2, Ratchet & Clank(s), Resistance 1&2, SocomConforontation-PSP, Gran Turismo5 & Gran Turismo PSP, LittleBigPlanet1-3-PSP,MGS4 & MGSPeace Walker etc...

and how many of those sold 8 million again?

Infamous was always the clear "winner" of the two games. From Story to Game quality Prototype was no match, it was a multiplat made by the guys that just made hulk unleashed. And oddly enough it looked just like it was a game that was made by the guys that just did the hulk unleashed.

The games shouldn't have been compared in the first place. They had nothing to do with eachother outside of people not getting to play Infamous.

Aquanox3475d ago

Title should be:

"Infamous wins out in the super hero battle ON PS3"

badz1493475d ago

NA's PS3 gamers for giving the well deserved supports to inFAMOUS and to Sucker Punch for this great game!

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lokiroo4203475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

@command shepherd

Dont forget about how well Infamous sold on the 360 too. Oh wait, nevermind Ill just play the superior version of Prototype on my ps3 anyway.

gameraxis3475d ago

has infamous at 560,000 and prototype 360 at 526,000 so shepard, i guess prototype 360 couldn't "touch" infamous ps3 is what u meant...

Cenobia3475d ago

WTF are you talking about?


heroicjanitor3475d ago

The ps3 had both available, and to most people who had a choice they chose infamous. The 360 only had prototype. On ps3, infamous + prototype sales are more than 360 prototype sales. But I don't give a fucc either way, people will still argue.

steck673475d ago

Awww... poor Command Shephard, all butt hurt because Infamous is better than Prototype. Well Shephard, guess what, you can talk all the trash you want because PS3 owners have both Infamous and Prototype, oh, and please dont come up with that lame "bu bu but multiplatz on 360 is the betterz..." comment I always hear from people like you.

BLuKhaos3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

So just because the game didn't sell a million copies at launch doesn't mean PS3 owners don't buy games.You do know that games continue to sell long after they launch, especially single player only games, right?Not everyone can buy every game they want the exact day they come out.

On topic:I actually had a friend that actually chose prototype over infamous, what a retard.Then again he does believe COD:[email protected] is better than COD4 so I guess you can already tell what kind of taste he has.

raztad3475d ago


That is redundant, inFAMOUS is only available on PS3. 360 owners only had Prototype so its expected they got it massively.

ultimolu3475d ago

Too bad I don't care what you think about my comments. :D

hay3475d ago

@shadowfox: Chose? It's like having beer and drink on a table and take only one of them. You don't go with one but get both... Duh...

Syronicus3475d ago

And good for us gamers. inFAMOUS is the better game IMHO and while I rented Prototype, I purchased inFAMOUS for the sole purpose of replay and greatness. The game is a true gem.

On a side note, the troll level in this thread is amazing.

No Way3474d ago

Then what dictates the greatness of a game? What you think? Nope.
Sales are just another form of an opinion..

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gauntletpython3475d ago

I think it's really hard to even compare them. I like Prototype better.

grantps33475d ago

some things in prototype feel tacked on.

i think infamous is way better, but i like how there is more super power variety in prototype.

gamesR4fun3475d ago

yeh prototype coulda been game of the year material if theyd given it a decent story n more depth. That n the graphics coulda used some work..

nycredude3475d ago

Dude you are talking about revamping the entire game. Any game can be game of the year material if you change the story, fix the graphics and make it deeper. That is pretty much reprogramming the entire game.

NS3475d ago

Infamous is ten time better than that POS that is Prototype. The game is just that, a prototype.

Sarevok3475d ago

how shocking! *wink wink*